20121216-193022.jpgI had a few posts planned for this week that just didn’t happen (yet!). I had a presentation to prepare for all week, but now that’s over, yay! Then when I heard about the terrible event in Newtown, my planned blog posts felt really unimportant and frivolous. I’ve worked in elementary schools and can’t even imagine going through something like this. Just awful.

Looking back at my food pics from this week, they seem to be all about carbs. My favorite. Sandwiches, flour tortillas, and I even snuck slices of bread into a baked egg dish. I may only have one cinnamon roll picture posted here, but believe me…there were many more than one consumed this week. I also finally got some chai latte K-Cups this week, which made a perfect combination!


:: Sandwich, cheese curls, soda, and straw from a Whole Foods run…living across from one makes me lazy sometimes ::20121216-193035.jpg

:: I intended for these to be flautas, but can tortillas this big be considered that?? Maybe it’s more of a chimichanga :: 20121216-193042.jpg:: steak, bean and cheese taquitos to go with the flauta/chimichanga ::


:: Tried something new. Baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms ::


[EOTW] Spinach Fest

I bought a bunch of spinach this week and it managed to sneak it’s way into almost every meal I made. Luckily, I was able to keep it sealed up long enough to make some cookies that look like tiny little sand castles, thanks to a baking pan I got for Christmas last year!

This was my first time making my homemade gnocchi and my first time grilling steak. I have to be honest and say that both dishes photographed a little better than they tasted. They weren’t bad by any means though. The sauce that went with the sweet potato gnocchi was amazing and could easily be used as a light and healthy side dish. It just did not hold up well as a leftover. And the steak dinner was enjoyable, but I totally overcooked the steaks – eek! They were a little pink in the middle, but I was aiming for more of a medium rare.

But hey, this blog is not at all about showing what a great cook I am! It’s about my real, everyday life. And in my real everyday life, I love cooking, taking pictures of what I eat, and sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. C’est la vie!

:: Steak and guess what? More spinach! ::

:: No matter how hard we try, we just can’t find a good take out Chinese place nearby. So, I made it myself! ::

:: Cute little sand castle cakes! And gluten free! I used my regular blondie recipe but substituted this flour that I found at TJ Maxx recently ::

:: We loved the gnocchi’s spinach and mushroom sauce so much I remade it to throw into a quick pasta meal ::

:: OMG does the gnocchi look like giant Capn’ Crunch cereal or what?! Forming all these took quite a while so I put on some Gossip Girl in the background to entertain myself ::