Fashionably Late

DSC_6112 Here I am, a little late to the party but you don’t even mind because I made a cute thing and dropped it off without dirtying your carpet or anything. I had this plan. Or rather an INSPIRATION to make meal planning cute, and fun, and less mommy-Pinterest-y. And I’m totally cool with mommies and Pinterest, but I’m not a mommy and I guess I’m still not TOTALLY down with Pinterest. I’ve been itching to create more graphic design-y stuff and noticed that I was naturally drawing in this made up style that I don’t feel mega self-conscious about. I’ve also been focussing a lot on how I cook and eat. So, here comes this plan. I don’t wanna babble on about it too long because I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing lately and I just want to put it out there. I’m hoping to stay on top of making one of these monthly produce charts (at the beginning of the month, not the middle, heh) that you (and I) can print out and be guided by throughout the month. I’m trying to be more seasonally conscious, but it can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? So, here is a condensed list of stuff that’s in season, but not EVERYTHING that’s in season. I’ll expand on all of this soon, but I tend to enjoy meal planning a little more when I have a few ingredients to focus on each week. I hope this will end up being helpful to others too and that the posts I’m planning around it will be fun for me and you. Because we don’t have to think of eating in terms of New Year’s Resolutions anymore – it’s March! So let’s just try to eat well and not be burnt out about it all the time! Yeah! MarchProduceAnd P.S. Please feel free to print this out for your own fridge! I didn’t even stamp my name all over it! (Is that a thing I should do? hmmm)