Sandwich Week – Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


What are two people supposed to do with an entire roasted chicken?? It’s a little bit too much for just two people, but this turned out to be a great way to revive the leftovers! I’m always trying to get Paul to give me hints or ideas about weekday lunches. He usually says anything I make will be good, but one day he said “I know…maybe you could make buffalo chicken sandwiches?” Done! I shredded some of our leftover roast chicken from dinner and put together these  sandwiches. I really like making homemade wings, but these were 100 times easier. I basically tossed some hot sauce/wing sauce with the shredded chicken and topped it with ranch. Plus, coleslaw either on the side or on top! Just a simple idea for leftover chicken, but oh so great for a mid-week work lunch!


Sandwich Week – Salmon Club Sandwich


It’s sandwich week on BepCity! Liz Lemon really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to sandwiches. Everyone just wants a sandwich! I have noticed an overflow of sandwich pictures in my photo library over the past month or so and they are all coming at you during this very special week. I’m starting off with one that has been a definite crowd pleaser. I made this once for Paul and once for my whole family. Paul said it was the best sandwich he’s ever had and my mom repeated the recipe a few weeks later. And I thought it was really good too! The sandwich in the pictures was made using three (small) slices of bread and bacon, based on this recipe. It’s basically a BLT with red pepper mayo on the bottom layer, and grilled salmon with a little more mayo on the top later. I’ve also made it with just two slices and no bacon and I promise it’s still great! And healthier too…

So, take my advice, and Liz Lemon’s, just eat this sandwich.

DSC_3707DSC_3690 DSC_3704

Just matching my food, no big deal.

Boston Places – Cutty’s


We’ve been meaning to check out Cutty’s for months. Many times we’ve thought, hey! let’s finally go to Cutty’s! only to remember that they are open until 3pm and we missed out. Well, today was finally the day and it was definitely worth the wait. Paul got the Ham Dijon and I got the Spuckie (Italian meats, mozz, and olive-carrot salad). The cashier recommended room temperature for Paul’s. For mine she said you can’t go wrong, but go with grilled if you want the flavors to melt together with gooey cheese and crispy bread. If you want to be able to taste all the individual flavors, stay at room temperature. I leaned towards grilled until she offered half grilled, half not. Cool! I was excited. I’m really glad I got to taste it both ways. She was exactly right about the differences in flavor. I think if I got it again and had to choose one way, I would go for room temp. The carrot and olive salad is so good and you can really taste it when it’s cold.

Paul’s sandwich was much smaller and prettier than mine. It’s a simple sandwich – from my one bite I was especially impressed by how yummy the ham was! Paul really liked it, but said his jaw hurt after chewing on the super crusty baguette! He liked mine a little better. He also got chips, which were way better than a bag! I got the Cutty’s Limeade and holy moly it was fantastic! The really cool thing about Cutty’s is that everything is made in-house and they display where all of their ingredients come from. One downside is the very little seating space – we were lucky to get a table! I would love to go back soon and try something else. Maybe on another Saturday because they have two Saturday only sandwiches that I’ve heard are awesome!

DSC_1641ham dijon + chips

DSC_1649my grilled half and cold half + limeade

DSC_1650check out those layers!

DSC_1651we were happy to see two Colorado towns up there!

20130126-210308.jpgGuy was here! And we saw this episode. This is the second time we’ve spotted one of these and both times we can’t help but imagine Guy’s intern/assistant diligently placing the graffiti spot. 😛