Fashionably Late

DSC_6112 Here I am, a little late to the party but you don’t even mind because I made a cute thing and dropped it off without dirtying your carpet or anything. I had this plan. Or rather an INSPIRATION to make meal planning cute, and fun, and less mommy-Pinterest-y. And I’m totally cool with mommies and Pinterest, but I’m not a mommy and I guess I’m still not TOTALLY down with Pinterest. I’ve been itching to create more graphic design-y stuff and noticed that I was naturally drawing in this made up style that I don’t feel mega self-conscious about. I’ve also been focussing a lot on how I cook and eat. So, here comes this plan. I don’t wanna babble on about it too long because I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing lately and I just want to put it out there. I’m hoping to stay on top of making one of these monthly produce charts (at the beginning of the month, not the middle, heh) that you (and I) can print out and be guided by throughout the month. I’m trying to be more seasonally conscious, but it can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? So, here is a condensed list of stuff that’s in season, but not EVERYTHING that’s in season. I’ll expand on all of this soon, but I tend to enjoy meal planning a little more when I have a few ingredients to focus on each week. I hope this will end up being helpful to others too and that the posts I’m planning around it will be fun for me and you. Because we don’t have to think of eating in terms of New Year’s Resolutions anymore – it’s March! So let’s just try to eat well and not be burnt out about it all the time! Yeah! MarchProduceAnd P.S. Please feel free to print this out for your own fridge! I didn’t even stamp my name all over it! (Is that a thing I should do? hmmm)

Grocery Groove


I returned from a school related trip on Sunday night. It was a quick and easy trip and I’m glad it’s over with. Even though I didn’t have much to do to prepare for it, I felt like there was some mysterious wall that I couldn’t move past until the trip was behind me. My first order of business upon my return was to get a really good nights sleep. I was sharing a hotel room with a few other girls and had a really hard time falling asleep every night. Something about being in a silent room with people I’m not used to staying with made it really hard, I guess!

Anyway, the second order of business was to get back into the grocery shopping groove. I ran across the street to Whole Foods in hopes of getting inspired to do some meal planning. Every time I’m in an airport I get the urge to eat salad. I think all the traveling just makes me feel gross and sluggish, which makes me feel like I need to eat healthy. So, that was my mindset and I lucked with some pretty good sales! I love the Naked green juice, but it’s always so expensive. There was a really good deal on the big jug so I snatched it up as a special treat. Even though it’s not as portable this way, I feel like it tastes better straight from the fridge to a glass! Even an airport induced salad craving can’t stop me from snacks and sweets though. My Whole Foods started selling Ben & Jerry’s AND it was on sale. If WF is cool with me eating something as ‘normal’ as cookie dough Ben & Jerry’s then it must be healthy, right?


[EOTW] Worn Out


Something about this week really wore me out! It felt very busy and I can’t really put my finger on why. I still feel like there are so many things that I wanted/needed to get done that just didn’t happen. I usually start the week with a lot of motivation to be organized and productive. Somehow that feeling always seems to get away from me. This has certainly applied to the kitchen lately as well…although I think I’m slowly digging my way out of that rut. I enjoyed working on a few fun and yummy projects that will likely have posts of their own coming up. But for now, here’s a little preview of what I’ve been up to on the cooking front. And If you have any tips on staying organized please leave them below! Here’s to a productive week, everybody!

DSC_1995I’m still working on clearing out the freezer. These were buffalo chicken wonton pockets.


Homemade Cheez-Its! Been thinking about making these for forever – Really good and easy.DSC_2025

Guys, I made these raviolis myself! Super exciting. Definitely have plans to post about this. DSC_2000

These homemade Oreos have become sort of an irregular Valentine tradition. Paul dubbed these Beppie-O’s from the first time I made them for him about 3 years ago (I think). 

[EOTW] Clean it Out

DSC_1534Out with the old has been my motto this week. I’ve had the urge to clean out my desk, my cosmetics, and especially the freezer! Hasn’t really expanded to my closet yet though…I planned meals around what was sitting in the freezer and cabinets. I really only had to buy a few dairy products and produce on my first shopping trip back in Boston! I’m happy with the clean-out progress so far. It will probably continue on for another week or two. I was going to make a meat sauce tonight to go with some gluten free pasta I tried to make with my new pasta machine, but…that was a disaster, so it was delivery pizza instead! Oh well! Check out what I used up and purchased below!

By the way, I’m really glad you all enjoyed the Starbucks lemon cake photos! I certainly enjoyed eating it all week. : ) I hope some of you try it soon!

DSC_1636I don’t think I have posted many breakfast photos in Eats of the Week! Grapefruit brings back memories of my dad and I sharing one on Sunday mornings when I was younger!

DSC_1527Used – frozen sausage, arborio, chicken broth. Bought – parmesan and bacon.

DSC_1604Used – frozen hamburger and buns. Bought – cheese, tomato, and bacon.

DSC_1670Love this stuff! Used – lemon oil, baking supplies. Bought – lemons and powdered sugar.

DSC_1660Used – frozen tortillas and steak, taco shells. Bought –  guaq and cucumber sauce ingredients.

[EOTW] No Resolution


I guess this post makes it pretty obvious that I made no resolution to eat healthy in 2013! And I don’t feel even a little bit bad about that. ; ) I’m all about eating a balanced diet, but I’m also all about eating what makes me happy! I do get full pretty easily…moderation is a good thing (unless cheese is involved…or chocolate, or…). As far as eating goes, this year I just hope to learn lots of new recipes and enjoy lots of great meals with great people.

I left out a couple of meals from the week because I’m planning on posting about them separately. We tried a couple cool new places that I would like to share with any Denver dwellers, or future visitors. Aside from that, we planned a couple meals around football, which seems to have happened a lot this season! We had delicious and totally homemade chili to enjoy during the Fiesta Bowl. The football part didn’t go so well for us – boo! But it’s all good, that’s why we stocked up on Ben and Jerry’s! I hope you all have had a great start to the new year whether you’re on a health kick or not!


:: Cherry Garcia is always a favorite of mine, but I let my brother have it because he needed all the comfort he could get during the game. I tried the limited batch cannoli and it’s great! :: DSC_1385

:: bacon wrapped meatloaf! I posted a picture of when I made this recipe myself, but I didn’t have bacon then. Better! ::


:: pan fried noodles for a late lunch while out and about…could they put more garnish on here?? :: 20130106-194612.jpg:: We used up a some Maggiano’s gift cards on the first day of 2013. My first time eating there. I enjoyed my mushroom ravioli with veal, but would have been happy to have it without the massive amount of sun-dried tomatoes…and the veal to be honest::

[EOTW] Chocolate and Cheese


I haven’t really come up with any New Year’s Resolutions yet, but putting together this post is making me think that I need to remember to take pictures of my eats of the week! I don’t know what the deal is, but I kept forgetting this week. I don’t think there was anything too noteworthy that’s been left out other than my dinner tonight. We went out for Mexican food and I had a really delicious (and cheesy) Chimichanga. I guess I was too hungry to think about snapping a picture before destroying it!

DSC_1130      :: A sweet gift from Paul to my family. I’m counting this because I have so few pics this week… ::

DSC_1204       :: This project will have it’s own post coming soon. Get ready, it’s da bomb (lame hint that’s only funny to me) ::

20121231-012113.jpg:: surprisingly the first grilled cheese I’ve made in…a while. Using the leftover chunks of white cheddar and smoked gruyere from Christmas ::

[EOTW] Eats of the Week

:: I almost love catfish more the next day because it means catfish sandwiches! ::

I think this week’s grocery list is what finally convinced my mind that summer is really over. I’ve been enjoying wearing sweaters for weeks, but I still had a lingering expectation that the chill in the air was just temporary. I actually did a pretty job good of planning ahead this week and served up some warm and comforting dishes. Looking back now, I see that the summer color has disappeared from not just my skin, but also my cooking. Yikes, better work on injecting some autumnal colors into my next list!

:: Individual chicken pot pies felt perfect for the fall transition :::: These wonton Wrapper perogies were totally improvised for a meatless Monday dish. :::: Fish chowder and some quick french fries using an extra potato half. My craving for this dish in particular convinced me fall is here:::: Gluten free (my BF is GF – crack that code?) baked pasta that doesn’t taste gluten free at all and is even better as a leftover ::

:: Oh, and tonight? I grabbed myself a frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s ::