Football Feast

I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks since these photos were taken! I like watching football, but I love it ten times more when a table full of food is involved. I mentioned this football feast in an Eats of the Week post, but I wanted to share the rest of the pics because well, they just make me happy. It was a fun day celebrating my dad’s birthday and watching K-State win big, which they’ve been doing a lot of this season, woo! My mom made some delicious lobster rolls and her famous potato salad. I kept getting the feeling that I was still in New England with the lobster and autumn apple picking! Of course, I shortly realized how mega chapped my lips and  hands were and oh yeah, those mountains out the window = Colorado loveliness. I can’t wait to go back in just over a week for more food and family time!

:: Man, how cute are these football themed table decorations?! Dad’s are never too old for a themed birthday ::

:: Just. Perfect. Yum. ::

:: K-state purple cupcakes peeking in the background. Chocolate cake with chocolate chip cheesecake in the center! ::

[EOTW] Home and Away

:: Snack night! I love cozy nights in like this ::

I spent half of this week in Boston and the other half back home in Colorado. With the exception of my big chicken dinner project, my own cooking was barely cooking at all. Julia Child assisted me with some roasted chicken and potato/carrot gratin, which is now one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, like ever (Tswift anyone..?). Then I sliced up some sausage, cheese, fruit and veggies one night and then enjoyed my mom’s cooking the rest of the week. Oh, and I ate so much Mexican food at home. I’ve missed the smothered in cheese stuff that I just don’t find out here!

:: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Whole foods had a big sale on whole chickens so this is what happened! ::

:: The gratin that was SO good I had to give it some of the spotlight too. [This is before it got all crispy and melty in the oven] ::

:: Yes, I ate lobster rolls in Colorado NOT Massachusetts! My dad’s perfect football watching/birthday party food. And big props to mom for this! ::

:: I hope Instagram is acceptable here. We ate at Boulder Cork one night and my baked stuffed chiles were a table favorite! ::

:: I got home from the airport and invented this quick and kind of weird, but still good, pasta made with leftover chicken and mushrooms ::