Extra Special


Don’t worry, my mom isn’t mad at me for waiting so long to post about Mother’s Day…at least I don’t think she is! I was so happy to get to go home to Colorado last week. I thought I would be blogging a lot because I finished all of my class assignments and I always find tons of things to blog about when I’m at home with family. I did take tons of pictures, of course. And I started a few posts, but I don’t think I posted…anything. Oops! I just had such a nice time hanging out with everyone and enjoying the sunshine (for the last few days when it finally stopped raining).

I planned ahead way more than usual for this trip because it was an extra special one. My mom’s birthday was on Mother’s Day and I won’t say which birthday, but it was a good one. I already pulled a surprise visit for my dad’s, so I had to be somewhat clever with this one. I kept it a secret for a while, but eventually told her I would be coming…I just told her the wrong day. Yeah, totally not clever, but clever enough to work! I arrived a day before my parents returned from a little trip of their own and then us kids surprised her at the exact same place we surprised my dad – and almost the same exact table. See, so un-clever. And Perfect!

In my family, I’m not alone in the food obsessed department. Most of our occasions revolve around what food will be enjoyed. That was very much the case on this extra special day. And while I have lots of other things I could post about from that day, for now I’d just like to share the food! We had a lovely picnic at the park and then burgers and a milkshake bar (so awesome!) to end the day. I hope that I can always be home for my mom’s birthday/mother’s day. I know that I can speak for both of my siblings when I say that we are all so thankful to have such a great mom and friend. She’s always made every celebration fun for us and I hope that we can return the favor now that we are all grown up (sort of)! Love ya, Mom!


So, everyone at the table was genuinely shocked that I forgot to take a picture of my burger before I ate it. That like, never happens. I was so excited to dig in. And I have to give credit to my dad and his ‘$50 burger.’ Ok, I’ll admit it – you did good.


My flavor creation: vanilla ice cream, Nutella, cookie dough, and rainbow sprinkles. Plus chocolate whipped cream and more sprinkles on top! So good! We looked at the Millions of Milkshakes menu for inspiration (never been, but good ideas!).


Classic chocolate for Dad. And props to my sister as well for blending up and beautifying our shakes! (Yes, they were both campaigning fairly hard to ‘make the blog’) Excellent work, my friends.


With all these other people taking over my blog, I have to end with another picture of my contribution to the day. Breakfast sandwiches! P.S. Have you all seen this pretty amazing invention? No, I didn’t use it, but I wish.

Sunday in Boston


Yesterday was such a beautiful day! We were on our way  to the Arnold Arboretum, but got distracted by a big crowd, music, and news trucks at Copley Square. We headed over and saw that all the signs, flowers, and toys left for the bombing victims had been collected there. The place was packed with people writing messages, snapping photos, and just taking everything in. Each time I’ve been in the area of the marathon has been emotional. From seeing the closed down street being investigated, to seeing the bombing sites and boarded up windows for the first time, and now this collection of mementos – it’s very surreal. Today, the tulips were blooming, people were singing, dogs were playing, and strangers were uniting. It’s tough to see these memorials, but also comforting to be around people leaving behind so many positive messages. I had my camera handy since I thought we would be hanging at the arboretum. Hopefully we will go there soon! Although the tulips were so beautiful, that I didn’t mind skipping it for today. The sun and shadows made them look like a painting – it was crazy. No edits on the tulip photos below, and they looked just as cool in person. I couldn’t narrow the photos down, so there are lots! Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and one other thing about today. We were on CNN! Haha. They were all over Copley Square. We stood with a crowd of people by the CNN station so that our families back home could see us. I think only my sister caught it in time. Who knows, maybe some of you saw me and just didn’t know it! : )

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Family Game Night

DSC_1514I can hardly wait for my next trip to Colorado. I’ve been searching for flights and hoping for a good deal to pop up. It’s so annoyingly expensive to fly between Boston and Denver! I was also searching through all the photos that I have saved for blog posts (that will be written soon!) and found these from January. If you remember my week in the basement, this is one way we kept ourselves entertained. Game nights don’t happen nearly enough! Have any of you played Imaginiff? It’s pretty fun! We added our dog (the real star of this post), the prez, and a favorite football coach to fill in our board of question subjects. That made it even more entertaining!




Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a great, safe, fun night. Paul and I went to a really cool restaurant where I finally tried chicken and waffles! I’ll post a little more on that later. 2012 was a fairly eventful year. I moved, I started grad school, I met some cool dogs, and most importantly I started this blog! ; ) Here are some iPhone pics that captured a few highlights. And here’s to 2013!



20130101-021631.jpg20130101-015858.jpgNo surprise here – I cooked and ate lots of cool stuff. I had fun cooking this colorful cake and my sausage stuffed turkey. I also tried poutine for the first (and second) time! I always planned on waiting until my next trip to Canada to try it, but I just couldn’t hold off any longer.




I moved to Boston! I gotta say I liked Boston a lot more in the summer than I do right about now! 20130101-021528.jpg


20130101-021616.jpgGolden Retriever galore! My family got a new puppy over the summer named Ozzie! I also get to hang out with this tiny girl in Boston a few days a week. ❤