Tutu Part Two


This isn’t my first tutu post here and it certainly isn’t my last. Tutus are just great. They make people happy. And they are super easy to make. Somehow the subject came up in my mom’s classroom and she kind of jokingly asked me if I would come teach her girls how to make their own while I was in town. I was thrilled to spread the tutu love! I’ve worked in an elementary school before and have always loved helping out in my mom’s classrooms, so I was really looking forward to it. I brought in their color requests on a warm, yet rainy Friday and we got to work. My sister and grandma (who was also visiting) came and helped keep the tulle strips coming – those girls were fast workers! We had less than an hour to work, but they made some good progress. The girls were so sweet and fun to hang out with. And they made some pretty awesome color selections!

I’ve always known what a good teacher my mom is, but I was definitely reminded during this activity. She has a small class of kids that just need a little extra attention to get on grade level. She treats them just like any other kids in the school though and really cares about them on an academic and personal level. I could tell how much they appreciated getting to do special activities. Especially after working so hard all year! Anyway, I could go on and on about all the great things she does for her kids (being that I am also one of her kids), but instead I will leave you with a few pictures of our fun afternoon! And if you’re interested in my first tutu DIY, here it is!


I knew we would get along great when I got their pink and animal print requests!


Her face was much happier than her hand


Yeah, they had cake and punch before we arrived…grrrr