My First Love – Mac & Cheese


Oh, goodness. I feel 50% sheepish and 50% totally psyched to be writing this post. Yeah, it’s been an unreasonably long time and I’ve been dreading writing one of those I’m back/excuses, excuses posts that I don’t particularly enjoy reading myself, but here we are. I’ve thought about you a whole lot over the last few months. I thought of you when I went on a trip to LA, while I moved from the east back to the west, while I made (and am still making) a ridiculous amount of felt Christmas crafts. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said ‘yeah, hopefully I’ll blog that at some point’ or the number of ‘to post’ folders I have neatly organized on my laptop (at least I have the organized thing going for me!). If you are interested in the list of excuses, all I can say is: finals, moving, job hunting, working, more job hunting, travel, family and so much family (it’s been awesome being back home again!). Something has definitely been missing from my life though, and I’m feeling really giddy writing this! Like, I actually got butterflies uploading these photos…eye-rolling at myself.

Speaking of butterflies, I finally made myself sit down and blog because I’ve been having a bit of a dilemma/doubt fest regarding my first love – mac & cheese. It’s just been so long since I’ve had really, really good mac & cheese and it’s been extremely disappointing. Of course, this is really all my own fault because I haven’t made it from scratch since these pictures were taken…well back when it was still sunny at dinnertime. I have to admit that boxed macaroni is a definite guilty pleasure of mine. Every time I buy a box I shove it to the bottom of my basket and hope that there’s a self-checkout. I know I’ve mentioned that my brother is my partner in novelty food tasting crime and we’ve been pretty into tasting all the weird macaroni flavors lately. None of them have been very good and I started to wonder if I had lost my taste for this stuff. After all, I used to absolutely hate it as a child. Yep, my tastes have become more childlike over the years. Paul quickly pointed out to me that I probably just need to have some homemade again. Ding, ding. That must be it. And so, this post is here to serve as inspiration for myself and any of you stuck in an unfortunate mac & cheese rut. I am remembering how wonderful and beautiful this recipe was and I think mac & cheese and I might be able to forego couples counseling. Phew. Thank you gruyere, thank you bacon, and thank YOU, for reading this and for not judging me too harshly 😉

DSC_3712DSC_3714Sharing naked photos of your significant other online is wrong, isn’t it? Oops.DSC_3730        Fully clothed. DSC_3722 DSC_3730 DSC_3733

[EOTW] Worn Out


Something about this week really wore me out! It felt very busy and I can’t really put my finger on why. I still feel like there are so many things that I wanted/needed to get done that just didn’t happen. I usually start the week with a lot of motivation to be organized and productive. Somehow that feeling always seems to get away from me. This has certainly applied to the kitchen lately as well…although I think I’m slowly digging my way out of that rut. I enjoyed working on a few fun and yummy projects that will likely have posts of their own coming up. But for now, here’s a little preview of what I’ve been up to on the cooking front. And If you have any tips on staying organized please leave them below! Here’s to a productive week, everybody!

DSC_1995I’m still working on clearing out the freezer. These were buffalo chicken wonton pockets.


Homemade Cheez-Its! Been thinking about making these for forever – Really good and easy.DSC_2025

Guys, I made these raviolis myself! Super exciting. Definitely have plans to post about this. DSC_2000

These homemade Oreos have become sort of an irregular Valentine tradition. Paul dubbed these Beppie-O’s from the first time I made them for him about 3 years ago (I think). 

[EOTW] Drive-Thru Kitchen

I always thought I hated Taco Bell because I’ve never been a big taco fan. I love Mexican food, but for some reason I really don’t like eating tacos. On taco nights, I would either turn mine into a tostada or crunch up the shells to make nachos. I know it doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, I still remember being forced to go to Taco Bell with some friends once and had to ask them what to get because I had no idea. They were all getting Crunchwrap Supremes, so that’s what I got and what the heck, it was awesome! Ever since then I’ve sampled a few other things and I no longer have a beef (no pun intended?) with Taco Bell. I still very rarely go and now don’t even live near one. So, my TB loving BF was pretty excited that we can now eat even more delicious Cruchwraps at home. I got carried away and tried making the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, which I’ve never tried, but of course know it exists. Or existed at one point? I can’t keep up.

That’s about all for Eats of the Week this week…It was a busy week and I didn’t do a lot of cooking. I made some really good sandwiches though, but forgot to take pictures due to momentary starvation. I also threw together a pork noodle bowl with some cooked pork I froze a while back. Fast, easy, and satisfying!

:: We’ve been debating getting a grill press, and these kind of convinced me it would be useful. Not easy to flip! ::

:: I ❤ guac ::

:: Too full to even try the Cheesy Gordita Crunch… ::