Grocery Groove


I returned from a school related trip on Sunday night. It was a quick and easy trip and I’m glad it’s over with. Even though I didn’t have much to do to prepare for it, I felt like there was some mysterious wall that I couldn’t move past until the trip was behind me. My first order of business upon my return was to get a really good nights sleep. I was sharing a hotel room with a few other girls and had a really hard time falling asleep every night. Something about being in a silent room with people I’m not used to staying with made it really hard, I guess!

Anyway, the second order of business was to get back into the grocery shopping groove. I ran across the street to Whole Foods in hopes of getting inspired to do some meal planning. Every time I’m in an airport I get the urge to eat salad. I think all the traveling just makes me feel gross and sluggish, which makes me feel like I need to eat healthy. So, that was my mindset and I lucked with some pretty good sales! I love the Naked green juice, but it’s always so expensive. There was a really good deal on the big jug so I snatched it up as a special treat. Even though it’s not as portable this way, I feel like it tastes better straight from the fridge to a glass! Even an airport induced salad craving can’t stop me from snacks and sweets though. My Whole Foods started selling Ben & Jerry’s AND it was on sale. If WF is cool with me eating something as ‘normal’ as cookie dough Ben & Jerry’s then it must be healthy, right?


Grocery Haulin’ :: Kiddie Food

I love grocery shopping. Sometimes I go with no plan and sometimes I write a full list. This week I knew I needed eggplant, mushrooms and apples, but then embarrassing things just magically appeared in my basket, heh. Yep, there’s a Lunchable and a box of Cap’n Crunch hidden in there. Sure I could have removed those and pretended that I’m a really healthy shopper, but let’s keep it real here. I’m a huge cereal fan and pretty typically eat it twice a day. Something plain and crunchy for breakfast and something super sweet (and made for kids) at night. And those Lunchables were on sale for a dollar and I hadn’t had one in a real long time and sometimes you just get a desire to pretend you’re on a 2nd grade field trip. Excuses, excuses. Maybe my next grocery haul will be a little more sophisticated…

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