[EOTW] Treats of the Week

20130120-223925.jpgStill no kitchen this week = more take out! I don’t mind, but I am looking forward to some kind of kitchen project soon. This week’s pictures are all about sweets and treats. The most special treat was the Magnolia cupcake that my sister brought back from a trip to NYC! Hmm I have a feeling my kitchen project will involve sugar! 20130120-223931.jpg

A pre-movie bear claw at Panera. We saw Zero Dark Thirty and I thought it was really good! 20130120-223943.jpg

Used a Starbucks gift card the next night! I ❤ cheesecake + brownies 20130120-223959.jpg

What I ate almost every morning while the kitchen was inaccesible. I call it sunshine bagel. : -p20130120-224004.jpgSnacked on truffle fries and nachos while watching the Patriots tonight. Luckily I’m not a dedicated fan!

[EOTW] No Resolution


I guess this post makes it pretty obvious that I made no resolution to eat healthy in 2013! And I don’t feel even a little bit bad about that. ; ) I’m all about eating a balanced diet, but I’m also all about eating what makes me happy! I do get full pretty easily…moderation is a good thing (unless cheese is involved…or chocolate, or…). As far as eating goes, this year I just hope to learn lots of new recipes and enjoy lots of great meals with great people.

I left out a couple of meals from the week because I’m planning on posting about them separately. We tried a couple cool new places that I would like to share with any Denver dwellers, or future visitors. Aside from that, we planned a couple meals around football, which seems to have happened a lot this season! We had delicious and totally homemade chili to enjoy during the Fiesta Bowl. The football part didn’t go so well for us – boo! But it’s all good, that’s why we stocked up on Ben and Jerry’s! I hope you all have had a great start to the new year whether you’re on a health kick or not!


:: Cherry Garcia is always a favorite of mine, but I let my brother have it because he needed all the comfort he could get during the game. I tried the limited batch cannoli and it’s great! :: DSC_1385

:: bacon wrapped meatloaf! I posted a picture of when I made this recipe myself, but I didn’t have bacon then. Better! ::


:: pan fried noodles for a late lunch while out and about…could they put more garnish on here?? :: 20130106-194612.jpg:: We used up a some Maggiano’s gift cards on the first day of 2013. My first time eating there. I enjoyed my mushroom ravioli with veal, but would have been happy to have it without the massive amount of sun-dried tomatoes…and the veal to be honest::

[EOTW] Chocolate and Cheese


I haven’t really come up with any New Year’s Resolutions yet, but putting together this post is making me think that I need to remember to take pictures of my eats of the week! I don’t know what the deal is, but I kept forgetting this week. I don’t think there was anything too noteworthy that’s been left out other than my dinner tonight. We went out for Mexican food and I had a really delicious (and cheesy) Chimichanga. I guess I was too hungry to think about snapping a picture before destroying it!

DSC_1130      :: A sweet gift from Paul to my family. I’m counting this because I have so few pics this week… ::

DSC_1204       :: This project will have it’s own post coming soon. Get ready, it’s da bomb (lame hint that’s only funny to me) ::

20121231-012113.jpg:: surprisingly the first grilled cheese I’ve made in…a while. Using the leftover chunks of white cheddar and smoked gruyere from Christmas ::

[EOTW] Burger x2

DSC_0845Today I’m making up for the last two weeks of pretty minimal Eats of the Week pictures. I wanted to make sure I actually cooked this week…I planned to make burgers because we had some buns and ground beef in the freezer. I did not plan on also going to Five Guys tonight for even more burger though. I had been to Five Guys once before in NYC, but only tried a few fries. Last week we noticed one had opened near Boston Common and got pretty excited! Unfortunately, we had just ran into a Wendy’s or a Burger King or something right before, bummer. I gotta say, the Five Guys burger was far better than the ones I made! We resolved to never get burgers at those other fast food places when we are just running around town – always Five Guys. Holy moly, how did this post turn into me typing Five Guys a million times??

Another highlight of the week was stove-top mac and cheese. I used to make homemade mac almost weekly in college (seriously). I haven’t been making it that regularly since, but the past two times I used this recipe and loved the results. I didn’t follow it exactly, but I like the concept. I boiled the noodles first, but not for too long! Then I let them soak in the milk for a while. Great for when you don’t feel like having it baked!

20121209-213254.jpg :: Steak and mushroom shepherd’s pie (kind of made up using what I had). Really filling and comforting! ::

DSC_0851:: Burger #1 ::

20121209-213304.jpg:: Saturday evening walk to get custard after being inside aaall day. Red Velvet for me ::

20121209-213315.jpg:: Burger #2. Plus so many delicious fries and I got to use one of those crazy customizable soda fountain machines ::

DSC_0875:: If I have tomatoes and mozarella around, you bet I’m going to be throwing it on some crusty bread ::

20121209-213237.jpg:: Threw together some mushroom pasta in the 30 minutes I had between getting home and attending class ::

[EOTW] Post Thanksgiving Slump


So, I’ve been back in Boston for almost an entire week, and I hadn’t even managed to make up a grocery list until this afternoon. This means that I barely cooked all week…The night I returned I bought an overpriced sandwich from the airport. The next day we ordered a gigantic calzone from across the street, which fed me for like three meals. I guess I’ve been feeling a little uninspired on the cooking front after all the Thanksgiving festivities. I scrolled through pages and pages of food pictures online (LOL nerd) this morning just trying to come up with something, anything that sounded good. And what did I land on? HOT DOGS. Really? Yes, it’s now December and hot dogs sounded amazing.

What else is on the agenda for the rest of the week? Shepard’s pie, mac & cheese, quesadillas, and more football food – burgers!

photo 2:: Buffalo Chicken calzone – so not Italian, but so, so good ::

20121202-184028.jpg:: My almost Chicago style dog. YUM ::

photo 1

:: YAY Paul brought me a Christmas donut! ::

IMG_3060:: The BEST cupcakes my mom has ever made. Chocolate with salted caramel frosting. Drool ::

[EOTW] Spinach Fest

I bought a bunch of spinach this week and it managed to sneak it’s way into almost every meal I made. Luckily, I was able to keep it sealed up long enough to make some cookies that look like tiny little sand castles, thanks to a baking pan I got for Christmas last year!

This was my first time making my homemade gnocchi and my first time grilling steak. I have to be honest and say that both dishes photographed a little better than they tasted. They weren’t bad by any means though. The sauce that went with the sweet potato gnocchi was amazing and could easily be used as a light and healthy side dish. It just did not hold up well as a leftover. And the steak dinner was enjoyable, but I totally overcooked the steaks – eek! They were a little pink in the middle, but I was aiming for more of a medium rare.

But hey, this blog is not at all about showing what a great cook I am! It’s about my real, everyday life. And in my real everyday life, I love cooking, taking pictures of what I eat, and sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. C’est la vie!

:: Steak and guess what? More spinach! ::

:: No matter how hard we try, we just can’t find a good take out Chinese place nearby. So, I made it myself! ::

:: Cute little sand castle cakes! And gluten free! I used my regular blondie recipe but substituted this flour that I found at TJ Maxx recently ::

:: We loved the gnocchi’s spinach and mushroom sauce so much I remade it to throw into a quick pasta meal ::

:: OMG does the gnocchi look like giant Capn’ Crunch cereal or what?! Forming all these took quite a while so I put on some Gossip Girl in the background to entertain myself ::

[EOTW] Trying New Things

This was a week of cooking dishes I’ve never made before. The nice thing was that I had most of the ingredients for all of these on hand. The mushrooms, eggplant and Parmesan are from my last grocery haul, plus I  had to get ketchup for the meatloaf. I’ll definitely be keeping these in my recipe arsenal for when I run out of new things to try!

:: I’ve eaten meatloaf countless times, but for some reason never made it myself. This was great with the sauce, but next time I’ll season even more generously ::

:: I had never even heard of eggplant in rollatini form, but these turned me into an eggplant fan ::

:: I think I’ve only eaten chicken and dumplings once before, yet for some reason I crave them every once in a while. I made the dumplings with gluten free flour and they were still good! A little dense, but still nice and chewy ::

[EOTW] Home and Away

:: Snack night! I love cozy nights in like this ::

I spent half of this week in Boston and the other half back home in Colorado. With the exception of my big chicken dinner project, my own cooking was barely cooking at all. Julia Child assisted me with some roasted chicken and potato/carrot gratin, which is now one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, like ever (Tswift anyone..?). Then I sliced up some sausage, cheese, fruit and veggies one night and then enjoyed my mom’s cooking the rest of the week. Oh, and I ate so much Mexican food at home. I’ve missed the smothered in cheese stuff that I just don’t find out here!

:: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Whole foods had a big sale on whole chickens so this is what happened! ::

:: The gratin that was SO good I had to give it some of the spotlight too. [This is before it got all crispy and melty in the oven] ::

:: Yes, I ate lobster rolls in Colorado NOT Massachusetts! My dad’s perfect football watching/birthday party food. And big props to mom for this! ::

:: I hope Instagram is acceptable here. We ate at Boulder Cork one night and my baked stuffed chiles were a table favorite! ::

:: I got home from the airport and invented this quick and kind of weird, but still good, pasta made with leftover chicken and mushrooms ::