Denver – Manneken Frites


I was so excited to try Manneken Frites when I was home last week and we just barely squeezed it in. My mom and sister tried it a while ago and knew that it was just my thing. Mostly because they had poutine, which I have mentioned at least a couple of times on this blog. Love it! Unfortunately, poutine has been removed from the menu, possibly temporarily. Shucks! I wasn’t too disappointed though because I was mostly interested in trying a few of their many, many sauces. We ordered a double with three sauces: buffalo blue cheese, sauce andalouse (green pepper + onion), and chipotle mayo. My mom and sister already knew that the chipotle mayo was a must and they were right. The other two were great and all mixed well, but maybe we should have been a little more creative with our choices! The server mentioned that we somehow ended up with every orange sauce they offer. Oops! Didn’t even think of that. Honestly, it was nearly impossible to choose three sauces. They all sound really good.

These are the restaurants that I love trying. And whenever I have dreamed up imaginary restaurant ideas it always uses the same concept of doing one thing really well and offering lots of cool choices and varieties. I’ve mentioned how indecisive I am – I always appreciate having the option to choose more than one thing! Manneken Frites is a really fun place to go sample with friends. They also have hot dogs and beer if you want a more substantial meal. By the way, if you’re in Boston, Saus has a very similar menu and their poutine is really good! They also have waffles and ice cream, but I’ve only tried the poutine. I’ll have to go back soon and take some pics!

DSC_2960DSC_2962 DSC_2963 DSC_2964 DSC_2966

One Waffle + Blogger Brain


This is a little story about something I call Blogger Brain. I’m sure many of you have experienced it. Last weekend I went to the kitchen to make myself a waffle. I had just bought some fancy lookin’ belgian waffles from Trader Joe’s and was looking forward to trying them. I pulled the box out and thought hmm, I’m really not that hungry and wow these are some big waffles. I knew that one waffle would probably be plenty, but here’s where Blogger Brain comes into play. My immediate second thought was, but two waffles will look so much better in a photo! Oh brother. I thought about it for a good two minutes or so. I fought against my Blogger Brain and went with one waffle. Oh, but Blogger Brain doesn’t end there.

I put the waffle in the toaster, but before I pushed the lever, I framed a picture in my mind of the cute little waffle waiting to get toasty. With camera in hand I noticed that the toaster was looking kind of grimy. I reached to rub off a spot of something and then though, oh I could probably just edit this smudge out. OH BROTHER. Really? I’m standing here centimeters away from doing some minor cleaning and my first thought is to edit the mess? That’s a problem. I shook the Blogger Brain nonsense away and gave the toaster a good clean. From there I went through several variations of Blogger Brain influenced photos before I finally got to enjoy my waffle.

I actually really love these photos of my single waffle breakfast. Maybe partially because of the rediculous story that goes along with them. Here’s pretty much every photo I took that morning and an inside look into my photo shoot thought process. And in case you were wondering, the waffle was pretty good!


Check out that clean (unedited) toaster and cheesy peace sign.

DSC_2205To prop…?

DSC_2206Or not to prop?

DSC_2210To berry…?

DSC_2207Or not to berry…?


The important questions that bloggers must ponder on their Sunday morning.

Boston Places – Cutty’s


We’ve been meaning to check out Cutty’s for months. Many times we’ve thought, hey! let’s finally go to Cutty’s! only to remember that they are open until 3pm and we missed out. Well, today was finally the day and it was definitely worth the wait. Paul got the Ham Dijon and I got the Spuckie (Italian meats, mozz, and olive-carrot salad). The cashier recommended room temperature for Paul’s. For mine she said you can’t go wrong, but go with grilled if you want the flavors to melt together with gooey cheese and crispy bread. If you want to be able to taste all the individual flavors, stay at room temperature. I leaned towards grilled until she offered half grilled, half not. Cool! I was excited. I’m really glad I got to taste it both ways. She was exactly right about the differences in flavor. I think if I got it again and had to choose one way, I would go for room temp. The carrot and olive salad is so good and you can really taste it when it’s cold.

Paul’s sandwich was much smaller and prettier than mine. It’s a simple sandwich – from my one bite I was especially impressed by how yummy the ham was! Paul really liked it, but said his jaw hurt after chewing on the super crusty baguette! He liked mine a little better. He also got chips, which were way better than a bag! I got the Cutty’s Limeade and holy moly it was fantastic! The really cool thing about Cutty’s is that everything is made in-house and they display where all of their ingredients come from. One downside is the very little seating space – we were lucky to get a table! I would love to go back soon and try something else. Maybe on another Saturday because they have two Saturday only sandwiches that I’ve heard are awesome!

DSC_1641ham dijon + chips

DSC_1649my grilled half and cold half + limeade

DSC_1650check out those layers!

DSC_1651we were happy to see two Colorado towns up there!

20130126-210308.jpgGuy was here! And we saw this episode. This is the second time we’ve spotted one of these and both times we can’t help but imagine Guy’s intern/assistant diligently placing the graffiti spot. 😛

[EOTW] Eating Sawdust


It’s been an unusual week. There has been absolutely NO cooking. Why? Well, as you can see below, the kitchen is trapped behind sheets of plastic. Some of the floors are getting a makeover and some rooms are ditching the carpet to match. No cooking, but lots of noise, sawdust and takeout! We haven’t been able to leave the basement much so we created a stash of fruit, cookies, and crackers nearby. The floors look really nice though! Should be back to cooking again soon…although it might be hard to get back into the swing of things!

PS Nutella & Go! is the best packaged snack ever. And a perfect airport companion.






[EOTW] Chocolate and Cheese


I haven’t really come up with any New Year’s Resolutions yet, but putting together this post is making me think that I need to remember to take pictures of my eats of the week! I don’t know what the deal is, but I kept forgetting this week. I don’t think there was anything too noteworthy that’s been left out other than my dinner tonight. We went out for Mexican food and I had a really delicious (and cheesy) Chimichanga. I guess I was too hungry to think about snapping a picture before destroying it!

DSC_1130      :: A sweet gift from Paul to my family. I’m counting this because I have so few pics this week… ::

DSC_1204       :: This project will have it’s own post coming soon. Get ready, it’s da bomb (lame hint that’s only funny to me) ::

20121231-012113.jpg:: surprisingly the first grilled cheese I’ve made in…a while. Using the leftover chunks of white cheddar and smoked gruyere from Christmas ::


20121216-193022.jpgI had a few posts planned for this week that just didn’t happen (yet!). I had a presentation to prepare for all week, but now that’s over, yay! Then when I heard about the terrible event in Newtown, my planned blog posts felt really unimportant and frivolous. I’ve worked in elementary schools and can’t even imagine going through something like this. Just awful.

Looking back at my food pics from this week, they seem to be all about carbs. My favorite. Sandwiches, flour tortillas, and I even snuck slices of bread into a baked egg dish. I may only have one cinnamon roll picture posted here, but believe me…there were many more than one consumed this week. I also finally got some chai latte K-Cups this week, which made a perfect combination!


:: Sandwich, cheese curls, soda, and straw from a Whole Foods run…living across from one makes me lazy sometimes ::20121216-193035.jpg

:: I intended for these to be flautas, but can tortillas this big be considered that?? Maybe it’s more of a chimichanga :: 20121216-193042.jpg:: steak, bean and cheese taquitos to go with the flauta/chimichanga ::


:: Tried something new. Baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms ::


[EOTW] Burger x2

DSC_0845Today I’m making up for the last two weeks of pretty minimal Eats of the Week pictures. I wanted to make sure I actually cooked this week…I planned to make burgers because we had some buns and ground beef in the freezer. I did not plan on also going to Five Guys tonight for even more burger though. I had been to Five Guys once before in NYC, but only tried a few fries. Last week we noticed one had opened near Boston Common and got pretty excited! Unfortunately, we had just ran into a Wendy’s or a Burger King or something right before, bummer. I gotta say, the Five Guys burger was far better than the ones I made! We resolved to never get burgers at those other fast food places when we are just running around town – always Five Guys. Holy moly, how did this post turn into me typing Five Guys a million times??

Another highlight of the week was stove-top mac and cheese. I used to make homemade mac almost weekly in college (seriously). I haven’t been making it that regularly since, but the past two times I used this recipe and loved the results. I didn’t follow it exactly, but I like the concept. I boiled the noodles first, but not for too long! Then I let them soak in the milk for a while. Great for when you don’t feel like having it baked!

20121209-213254.jpg :: Steak and mushroom shepherd’s pie (kind of made up using what I had). Really filling and comforting! ::

DSC_0851:: Burger #1 ::

20121209-213304.jpg:: Saturday evening walk to get custard after being inside aaall day. Red Velvet for me ::

20121209-213315.jpg:: Burger #2. Plus so many delicious fries and I got to use one of those crazy customizable soda fountain machines ::

DSC_0875:: If I have tomatoes and mozarella around, you bet I’m going to be throwing it on some crusty bread ::

20121209-213237.jpg:: Threw together some mushroom pasta in the 30 minutes I had between getting home and attending class ::

Denver Places – Jonesy’s EatBar


There was one place that I really wanted to try when I went home for Thanksgiving and that was Jonesy’s EatBar. I was looking at a list of best fries a few weeks ago and this Denver place jumped out at me. I immediately texted my brother when I read that they have mac & cheese fries and buffalo fries. Um, awesome. I’m mac & cheese obsessed and he’s buffalo wing obsessed, so it was a no brainer. The only dilemma was that we wanted to chow down on all of the fries, but the rest of their menu also sounded really good!

My family went on the Sunday after Thanksgiving to take a break from leftovers. Everyone else was till eating turkey so it wasn’t busy at all and the place had a really cozy feel. It was perfect. We all found a slider that sounded appealing and luckily the menu notes that you can swap out one of three sliders for any of their fries. Problem solved! I definitely recommend this option – we were all still full even without the third slider. They also brought plenty of extra plates because, duh we wanted to share everything and they expect (and encourage!) that. It was really fun getting to sample all the fun flavors! It’s a great spot to go with a group. I thought the cute, long booth with the heart art looked perfect for a birthday dinner. So all in all, I loved the food, loved the decor/ambiance, and the staff was really friendly too! I think next time I’ll get the buffalo fries with the shrimp po’boy sliders. YUM! Is anybody out there from the Denver area too?? And have you tried this place/will you try it now?

PS I really meant to bring my real camera, but I was so excited that I forgot! I hope these phone pics do the place justice.

20121205-204414.jpg:: Bacon Mac & Cheese Fries – Can’t go wrong! I had them with the portobello sliders ::

20121205-204435.jpg:: The favorite fry on the night – Buffalo! Super good! Mom and brother ate them with Bacon Bleu Sliders ::

20121205-204442.jpg:: That’s Nacho Fry (That’s really what they’re called. I’m not trying to be punny. But I do love the name!) Good, but #3 on the list. Dad and sister had them with Shrimp Po’Boy sliders, which were really good! ::

[EOTW] Post Thanksgiving Slump


So, I’ve been back in Boston for almost an entire week, and I hadn’t even managed to make up a grocery list until this afternoon. This means that I barely cooked all week…The night I returned I bought an overpriced sandwich from the airport. The next day we ordered a gigantic calzone from across the street, which fed me for like three meals. I guess I’ve been feeling a little uninspired on the cooking front after all the Thanksgiving festivities. I scrolled through pages and pages of food pictures online (LOL nerd) this morning just trying to come up with something, anything that sounded good. And what did I land on? HOT DOGS. Really? Yes, it’s now December and hot dogs sounded amazing.

What else is on the agenda for the rest of the week? Shepard’s pie, mac & cheese, quesadillas, and more football food – burgers!

photo 2:: Buffalo Chicken calzone – so not Italian, but so, so good ::

20121202-184028.jpg:: My almost Chicago style dog. YUM ::

photo 1

:: YAY Paul brought me a Christmas donut! ::

IMG_3060:: The BEST cupcakes my mom has ever made. Chocolate with salted caramel frosting. Drool ::