Tutu Part Two


This isn’t my first tutu post here and it certainly isn’t my last. Tutus are just great. They make people happy. And they are super easy to make. Somehow the subject came up in my mom’s classroom and she kind of jokingly asked me if I would come teach her girls how to make their own while I was in town. I was thrilled to spread the tutu love! I’ve worked in an elementary school before and have always loved helping out in my mom’s classrooms, so I was really looking forward to it. I brought in their color requests on a warm, yet rainy Friday and we got to work. My sister and grandma (who was also visiting) came and helped keep the tulle strips coming – those girls were fast workers! We had less than an hour to work, but they made some good progress. The girls were so sweet and fun to hang out with. And they made some pretty awesome color selections!

I’ve always known what a good teacher my mom is, but I was definitely reminded during this activity. She has a small class of kids that just need a little extra attention to get on grade level. She treats them just like any other kids in the school though and really cares about them on an academic and personal level. I could tell how much they appreciated getting to do special activities. Especially after working so hard all year! Anyway, I could go on and on about all the great things she does for her kids (being that I am also one of her kids), but instead I will leave you with a few pictures of our fun afternoon! And if you’re interested in my first tutu DIY, here it is!


I knew we would get along great when I got their pink and animal print requests!


Her face was much happier than her hand


Yeah, they had cake and punch before we arrived…grrrr

Craft Store Haul

DSC_1736Every time I go to the craft store I feel super motivated to start new projects and (finally) finish old ones. On my last two trips to the craft store I stocked up on clay jewelry supplies and surprisingly, kitchen things (who knew?!). I usually wait to stock up on stuff like this until I see a good sale. I found some good deals on both trips! I brought some of this back from Colorado, which is why it’s all still in the packaging. I find way better deals on clay and jewelry findings back in Colorado, but I found some pretty cheap tools out here! They don’t have the fun $2 aisle that I love though!  Here’s what I got and how I’m planning to use it.

DSC_1737Two boring colors, but staples! I saw a buy one get one 50% off sale and had to get something, but my brother set me up with pretty much every color I need! These are some that I run out of quickly.

DSC_1739I always borrow my mom’s round nose pliers and finally got some of my own for just $3. This $3 pack of tweezer tools seems useful for picking up delicate pieces. The metal scraper tool was something like $0.78 and the thick plastic sheets were about a $1 each. I went to check out the cutting mats because mine is a little beat up, but got these sheets instead. I wanted some kind of perfectly flat and easy to clean surface for rolling my clay on. I’ll see how these go!

DSC_1744Can never have enough of these! I think they were also buy one get one half off.

DSC_1748Cool kitchen stuff! We love having these straws around for sodas. Each pack was only $2! Couldn’t pass that up. I think I’m going to fill the tins with spices – only $1.50 each! The cardboard book is for a recipe booklet I want to make. Will post on it when I do!

DIY Ballerina Tutu!


Hi guys! I’ve been a little busy traveling and even though it’s been less than a week, I’ve really missed blogging! I made this tutu as a Christmas gift to my sister because she’s taking a ballet class on her campus this semester (for fun!). I set her up with a little ballet outfit and let her pick out the materials for the most important part. I made a black and white one a few years ago for a halloween costume, so I was super excited to make a pretty, pink one! This method couldn’t be any easier, which makes it even easer to justify making tutus for adults. I think all of us girls should have one! Whether you’re actually taking a class, or you just want something to make you feel pretty while you dance around your room – make one!

I learned how to do this through watching videos. Here is a quick and helpful one that I just found. I can’t remember which videos I watched the first time I did this, but I like this one! I’m going to send it to my sister to see if she would rather turn hers into a little shorty like theirs!

DSC_1275This is all you need! I got 2 yards of each tulle color and 3 yards of ribbon so I could have a nice bow in the back.

DSC_1307Before you get started, play with your tulle and admire how pretty it is. Then take some pictures. (hehe just kidding, you don’t have to, but why not?)

DSC_1310Cut tulle into strips. I made mine about two inches wide, but you can do them wider or narrower. Just depends on the look you prefer.

DSC_1314Start tying your knots! It does get old pretty fast, so either do it with some buddies, or be prepared with some entertainment! I started with the darkest color and then added in a pattern of the lighter.

DSC_1416Keep tying and adjusting the tulle until it fits around your waist. Secure it with a pretty bow in the back and start prancing!

DSC_1394This is a long, fluff ball version, which I think is really fun. I’m planning on trying out a different method that produces a more elegant look soon!

DSC_1401My sister went out of town before I got the chance to have her model it. So, here I am in my bunny slippers!

74514_928566288653_4190128_nPS Here’s a peek at the other end of the tutu spectrum! My halloween costume from a few years ago. I wanted this one to look really flowy and spooky. I used some extra tulle for a giant hair bow!

Christmas Village


It’s been a long standing tradition at our house to put up a ceramic Christmas village. I’ve always loved setting it up and trying new arrangements every year. It’s the urban planner in me, I suppose. My mom wanted to make sure that my sister and I got to have our own Christmas village while we aren’t at home, so she got crafty! She let us pick a theme and I went with a glittery woodland theme, which matches my little tree as well. The end result was a total surprise (I know she used the Winter Woodland Cricut Cartridge) and I love it so much! She even included some flameless candles to go inside. The flickering lights in the windows are so pretty and cozy.


:: Gotta have the schoolhouse ::


:: I would loooove to have a glittery door ::


:: she even decorated little trees! ::


:: so cozy ::


:: It looks so tiny under the giant window! ::

20121219-220337.jpg:: I also had to share a pic I received of my sister’s. SO adorable! Makes me kind of jealous I didn’t choose pink glitter ; ) ::

Christmas Critters

DSC_0904I made these felt woodland creature ornaments when I was at home for Thanksgiving and I finally got them all on our tree! There was a lot of felt ornament crafting going on at home. That inspired me as well as my felt bunny iPad case and the bird wearing a hat ornament (below) that I got at Target on Black Friday. We went at like 9pm just for fun and did not get pushed or shoved BTW! I didn’t get much aside from this ornament, but I was very pleased with this $3 find! To prepare for my crafting session I went out and bought a bunch of sheets of $0.69 felt at the craft store then looked for inspiration pictures online. I was planning on printing out some animal templates, but ended up just free handing it! I found a few pictures of felt animals that I liked and cut out basic shapes to layer and glue on top of one another. I think the whole project took around an hour, which is pretty awesome! If I had a bigger tree, I would totally make more. I really like the cute and whimsical feel they give to the tree without being too kiddy (just kiddy enough).

If any of you made or are making felt ornaments this year I would love to see them!

DSC_0907:: I’m scared of birds so It’s unusual for me to be drawn to anything with a bird on it (Portlandia anyone?) ::

20121210-232137.jpg:: Critters in progress ::

DSC_0909:: Bunny hangin’ in the there ::

20121210-232152.jpg:: Squirrel and mouse friends ::

DSC_0901:: Not pictured: cute little round tail on the backside ::

Let the Holiday Crafts Begin…

It’s officially okay to acknowledge that Christmas is almost here! We started doing some Christmas crafting the night of Thanksgiving, but I must say that I cannot take credit for these adorable lollipop ornaments. I guess I was too preoccupied with taking pictures of everything that day…But don’t worry, they said I could share them, and how could I not?! I did spend enough time watching my mom, sister and grandma to know that to make these you’ll need popsicle sticks, felt, embroidery floss and some cotton balls. Embroider a little swirl, or whatever you like, stuff it, attach to the stick, sew it together, and tie your bow! Cute and a perfect family craft!

We did all of our Christmas decorating the next day, which I’ll be sharing with you soon!

:: It’s a Christmas rainbow! ::