Colorado Cocktail Taste Test


Last night after a girly day of shopping, grilled cheese, crafts, and pizza (we are the classiest of girls) we had an impromptu Colorado cocktail taste test hosted by dad (of ‘Dad’s Corner‘ fame). He’s been practicing his bar tending skills over the past few months, so when my sister saw 5280’s poll for the official Colorado state cocktail, she knew he would be game to try at least one. Of course, Dad can’t say no to a challenge so he concocted our own in-home, four person contest between all three. Like I mentioned, I wasn’t expecting to end my night this way, which means that I did not have my regular camera to take lovely pictures! We did our best though. We had a sample size of each drink and picked our own winner/s. Check out our thoughts on all three drinks below! Spoiler alert: YUM.


Kevin Burke’s “The 4th Pin”bitters, Three Pins Alpine Herbal Liqueur, Whiskey, orange peel.

Dad: offered the most traditional western drink…like when Colorado was an old cow town.

Mom: liked the complex herbal flavors

KT: definitely strong but was pretty good. I liked that I could taste the bitters towards the bottom.

Bepcity: really nice layering of flavors. I don’t always do well with strong drinks, but I really enjoyed this one.

20140209-115852.jpgAlexandra Parks’ “Central Slope Sour”: Lemon juice, honey, Three Pins Herbal Liqueur, Breckenridge Bourbon, Avery IPA

Dad: Becky and her man hands squeezed too much lemon…but still really good.

Mom: really liked the honey and lemon! Would be great on a hot summer day.

KT: liked it best because of the tart lemon juice! It was definitely sour! But again, the herbal liquor added something unique.

Bepcity: loved it! I just felt happy drinking this. The perfect, summery glass of lemonade with a kick.


Sean Kenyon’s “The Centennial Smash”: Palisade peach, mint, Colorado honey, bourbon, Three Pins Alpine Herb Liqueur

Dad: I think I added too much bourbon…this one needs a second chance.

Mom: thought this would be my favorite, but it was my least…wonder if it would be better when palisade peaches are in season to get more fresh peach taste.

KT: I agree with mom. Felt very summery.

Bepcity: I liked the subtle peach and mint flavor, but agree we should give it another shot.


All great contenders for a Colorado cocktail! The girls all agreed that the Central Slope Sour was our favorite while Dad picked The 4th Pin as his favorite. We all expected to like the Centennial Smash best, but it was everyone’s least favorite – possibly due to our own lack of in season peaches. I think we will definitely be trying it again this summer! All three used Leopold & Bros Three Pins Alpine Herbal Liqueur, which is really cool stuff. Highly recommend you take a look at 5280’s post, which has videos of each bartender making their entry. Even if you’re not in Colorado, it was fun to have a little tasting party of these tasty drinks that will get you pumped for summer! I love you, Colorado!

Denver – Manneken Frites


I was so excited to try Manneken Frites when I was home last week and we just barely squeezed it in. My mom and sister tried it a while ago and knew that it was just my thing. Mostly because they had poutine, which I have mentioned at least a couple of times on this blog. Love it! Unfortunately, poutine has been removed from the menu, possibly temporarily. Shucks! I wasn’t too disappointed though because I was mostly interested in trying a few of their many, many sauces. We ordered a double with three sauces: buffalo blue cheese, sauce andalouse (green pepper + onion), and chipotle mayo. My mom and sister already knew that the chipotle mayo was a must and they were right. The other two were great and all mixed well, but maybe we should have been a little more creative with our choices! The server mentioned that we somehow ended up with every orange sauce they offer. Oops! Didn’t even think of that. Honestly, it was nearly impossible to choose three sauces. They all sound really good.

These are the restaurants that I love trying. And whenever I have dreamed up imaginary restaurant ideas it always uses the same concept of doing one thing really well and offering lots of cool choices and varieties. I’ve mentioned how indecisive I am – I always appreciate having the option to choose more than one thing! Manneken Frites is a really fun place to go sample with friends. They also have hot dogs and beer if you want a more substantial meal. By the way, if you’re in Boston, Saus has a very similar menu and their poutine is really good! They also have waffles and ice cream, but I’ve only tried the poutine. I’ll have to go back soon and take some pics!

DSC_2960DSC_2962 DSC_2963 DSC_2964 DSC_2966

Family Game Night

DSC_1514I can hardly wait for my next trip to Colorado. I’ve been searching for flights and hoping for a good deal to pop up. It’s so annoyingly expensive to fly between Boston and Denver! I was also searching through all the photos that I have saved for blog posts (that will be written soon!) and found these from January. If you remember my week in the basement, this is one way we kept ourselves entertained. Game nights don’t happen nearly enough! Have any of you played Imaginiff? It’s pretty fun! We added our dog (the real star of this post), the prez, and a favorite football coach to fill in our board of question subjects. That made it even more entertaining!




Denver Places – Jonesy’s EatBar


There was one place that I really wanted to try when I went home for Thanksgiving and that was Jonesy’s EatBar. I was looking at a list of best fries a few weeks ago and this Denver place jumped out at me. I immediately texted my brother when I read that they have mac & cheese fries and buffalo fries. Um, awesome. I’m mac & cheese obsessed and he’s buffalo wing obsessed, so it was a no brainer. The only dilemma was that we wanted to chow down on all of the fries, but the rest of their menu also sounded really good!

My family went on the Sunday after Thanksgiving to take a break from leftovers. Everyone else was till eating turkey so it wasn’t busy at all and the place had a really cozy feel. It was perfect. We all found a slider that sounded appealing and luckily the menu notes that you can swap out one of three sliders for any of their fries. Problem solved! I definitely recommend this option – we were all still full even without the third slider. They also brought plenty of extra plates because, duh we wanted to share everything and they expect (and encourage!) that. It was really fun getting to sample all the fun flavors! It’s a great spot to go with a group. I thought the cute, long booth with the heart art looked perfect for a birthday dinner. So all in all, I loved the food, loved the decor/ambiance, and the staff was really friendly too! I think next time I’ll get the buffalo fries with the shrimp po’boy sliders. YUM! Is anybody out there from the Denver area too?? And have you tried this place/will you try it now?

PS I really meant to bring my real camera, but I was so excited that I forgot! I hope these phone pics do the place justice.

20121205-204414.jpg:: Bacon Mac & Cheese Fries – Can’t go wrong! I had them with the portobello sliders ::

20121205-204435.jpg:: The favorite fry on the night – Buffalo! Super good! Mom and brother ate them with Bacon Bleu Sliders ::

20121205-204442.jpg:: That’s Nacho Fry (That’s really what they’re called. I’m not trying to be punny. But I do love the name!) Good, but #3 on the list. Dad and sister had them with Shrimp Po’Boy sliders, which were really good! ::

[EOTD] Eats of Thanksgiving Day

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Our meal was great and we had a lot of fun experimenting this year. I had the genius idea to stuff the turkey with sausage, apples and onions. I love anything with sausage, so I’ll try to add it to whatever I can. Of course, I was all for the idea, but wanted to make sure everyone else was down for something that could possibly end in disaster. This was my first turkey, which made it even more risky. Eventually, we all got pretty excited to see how it would turn out and thankfully it was a success!

I brined and grilled the turkey even though I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to stuff grilled turkey, but it added to the fun! Plus, we didn’t need to worry about the sausage getting cooked through, so it wasn’t really a problem. The sausage was super moist and added a little spicy kick to the meal, which we all loved. I’m thankful that I didn’t ruin our turkey and even more thankful that we all got to have fun cooking and eating together!

:: Ready for the grill…finger crossed ::

:: I made way too much of my favorite potato and carrot gratin ::

:: lucky for us, my mom looooves making pies ::

:: Getting ready to eat! My sister’s yummy corn bake ::

:: Thanksgiving classics. Including my brother’s expertly rolled crescents ::

:: Someone’s tired of waiting ::

:: The big reveal! ::


:: Time to eat. Happy Thanksgiving! ::

Are You Ready?

I’m home! Our Thanksgiving prep started today and I’m officially in charge of the TURKEY! I am pretty pumped and have something very special planned for it. And maybe slightly weird, so I’m not going to give too much away now…but I will say that he is all tucked in to his brine for the night. We got most of our planning and shopping done this morning and then took it easy. Even though it has been beautiful and close to 70 degrees, we kept cozy with hot chocolate and crafts. Plus a few outdoor play sessions with the puppy. I can’t wait for tomorrow and I hope you are all enjoying time with your loved ones before the craziness begins!

:: The table is ready, but are we?? ::

:: Pick your favorite…we got it all ::

:: All tucked in! Apple cider brine with oranges, lemons, rosemary, peppercorns, bay leaves, and nutmeg. Oh, and SALT ::

:: Ozzie would rather be monitoring the kitchen than out in the lovely weather! ::

:: Cute candy and a cute little potato heart…can you tell? ::

Instagram Travels

:: This town can turn anything into art! Found this beautiful toilet inside of an antique shop ::

These Instagram pictures are pretty really old, but I still love looking at them! Towards the beginning of the summer my family took a weekend trip to Salida, Colorado and then hit Manitou Springs on the drive back home. Both towns were super cute and artsy. We basically spent the whole time wandering through tons of fun antique shops and art galleries. I am quite shocked that I have NO food pics to share in this post. I am usually a pretty diligent restaurant instagramer. I assure you, we had some really tasty meals that weekend – yes, I still remember! In fact, my brother and I still reminisce about some amazing crab cakes that we both ate for Sunday brunch.

:: chillin in the hotel and showing off a hat that I found in one of the antique shops ::

:: building art/mother nature’s art ::

Football Feast

I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks since these photos were taken! I like watching football, but I love it ten times more when a table full of food is involved. I mentioned this football feast in an Eats of the Week post, but I wanted to share the rest of the pics because well, they just make me happy. It was a fun day celebrating my dad’s birthday and watching K-State win big, which they’ve been doing a lot of this season, woo! My mom made some delicious lobster rolls and her famous potato salad. I kept getting the feeling that I was still in New England with the lobster and autumn apple picking! Of course, I shortly realized how mega chapped my lips and  hands were and oh yeah, those mountains out the window = Colorado loveliness. I can’t wait to go back in just over a week for more food and family time!

:: Man, how cute are these football themed table decorations?! Dad’s are never too old for a themed birthday ::

:: Just. Perfect. Yum. ::

:: K-state purple cupcakes peeking in the background. Chocolate cake with chocolate chip cheesecake in the center! ::

[EOTW] Home and Away

:: Snack night! I love cozy nights in like this ::

I spent half of this week in Boston and the other half back home in Colorado. With the exception of my big chicken dinner project, my own cooking was barely cooking at all. Julia Child assisted me with some roasted chicken and potato/carrot gratin, which is now one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, like ever (Tswift anyone..?). Then I sliced up some sausage, cheese, fruit and veggies one night and then enjoyed my mom’s cooking the rest of the week. Oh, and I ate so much Mexican food at home. I’ve missed the smothered in cheese stuff that I just don’t find out here!

:: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Whole foods had a big sale on whole chickens so this is what happened! ::

:: The gratin that was SO good I had to give it some of the spotlight too. [This is before it got all crispy and melty in the oven] ::

:: Yes, I ate lobster rolls in Colorado NOT Massachusetts! My dad’s perfect football watching/birthday party food. And big props to mom for this! ::

:: I hope Instagram is acceptable here. We ate at Boulder Cork one night and my baked stuffed chiles were a table favorite! ::

:: I got home from the airport and invented this quick and kind of weird, but still good, pasta made with leftover chicken and mushrooms ::

Apple Picking at Home

:: I wish my nails always matched my food. (Revlon’s Raven Red if you’re interested!) ::

Last weekend I made a trip home to Colorado to surprise my dad for his birthday. The weather and scenery were as beautiful as ever. I’ve really been wanting to go apple picking out here in New England, but a lack of car has kind of prevented that from happening. We have had a little apple tree in the backyard at home since we moved in, but this is the first year that the apples have been so big and red! I remember picking a bunch two years ago and trying to make apple juice, but they were just too mealy. I was so happy to see all these pretty apples that were actually good enough to eat off the tree.

:: Love the mountains in the background! ::

:: Whooops ::

:: Aw puppy break! Please let me come up. ::

:: Some of the prize apples ::

:: Oh yeah, so stylish ::

:: So fun and mesmerizing! ::