Burrata French Bread Pizza


And this is the rare moment where I post something that I actually made very recently! As in, I made it last night. I’ve been living in the past a little on this blog as of late, but not today. I was very pleased with this leftover concoction. I had two ingredients that I really needed to use and luckily, they went together perfectly – burrata and french bread. Yes! I had burrata for the first time at a really awesome Denver restaurant called Osteria Marco. Paul took me there for some kind of special occasion years ago and I still have very fond, mouth-watering memories of their pizza, meatball sliders, and especially the burrata. I always see this cheese at Trader Joe’s, but didn’t pick it up until recently.

We ate some at room temperature a few nights ago, which was pretty great. I was still craving the warm burrata with toasty bread that we had at Osteria though. I had a little can of tomato sauce that I thought I needed for some recipe and didn’t end up using so I figured I might as well make burrata french bread pizza! Melty, creamy cheese and toasty bread…heaven. A perfect, quick weeknight meal! And the perfect way to use up my nearly past-the-date cheese and few day old baguette. I seriously have the hardest time keeping baguettes around. I love having one on hand, but I think our really tiny, warm kitchen makes them go bad extra fast. I dunno. I try to remember to save part of it in the freezer, but I’m always convinced that this time I’ll be able to finish it. Well, we definitely finished these pizzas! Delish!

DSC_2702 DSC_2705

DSC_2712 DSC_2706

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

DSC_2064So, I’ve had these pictures hanging around for a while! I thought about them the other day and figured I would just abandon the idea of posting them because it’s finally been springy outside. Not really soup weather! BUT that must have jinxed everything. Today was back to cold and windy in Boston. Boo! I don’t think it’s supposed to last too much longer though. I thought I would take the opportunity to post my cold weather, soup pictures. This was my first time making broccoli cheddar soup and it was pretty easy  and very satisfying! Chopping everything up was the most time consuming part. I remember I was worried that my soup would end up being a weird whitish color because I had white cheddar. Our Whole Foods always has some kind of deal on cheese, which I usually take advantage of. Didn’t even think about the coloring of the soup! No worries though, the carrots helped give it a (subtle) yellowish tint!

DSC_2081topped with, what else? More cheese! And a big hunk o’ bread.

DSC_2073organized mess?


[EOTW] Chocolate and Cheese


I haven’t really come up with any New Year’s Resolutions yet, but putting together this post is making me think that I need to remember to take pictures of my eats of the week! I don’t know what the deal is, but I kept forgetting this week. I don’t think there was anything too noteworthy that’s been left out other than my dinner tonight. We went out for Mexican food and I had a really delicious (and cheesy) Chimichanga. I guess I was too hungry to think about snapping a picture before destroying it!

DSC_1130      :: A sweet gift from Paul to my family. I’m counting this because I have so few pics this week… ::

DSC_1204       :: This project will have it’s own post coming soon. Get ready, it’s da bomb (lame hint that’s only funny to me) ::

20121231-012113.jpg:: surprisingly the first grilled cheese I’ve made in…a while. Using the leftover chunks of white cheddar and smoked gruyere from Christmas ::