Christmas Day Snapshots


Noooo Christmas is over! I hope you all had a great day with your loved ones. Christmas day is usually a very low-key, relaxing day for us and this year was no exception. We started the morning with cinnamon rolls and berries (have I blogged about cinnamon rolls enough lately??). Then presents! I love picking out gifts, especially at Christmas time! Anybody else agree that boys are extremely hard to shop for though? We lounged around, snacked, and colored in our Pj’s the rest of the day. It’s the perfect way to prepare for after Christmas shopping, am I right? : )

I also want to say a quick thanks to YOU. It’s been super fun chatting with some of you and finding lots of really cool blogs over the past few months. Looking forward to more in 2013!

20121227-123750.jpg      :: cinnamon rolls, berries, and…Hello Kitty! ::

DSC_1089      :: wrapping room aftermath ::

DSC_1050      :: breakfast round 2 ::

DSC_1056      :: reindeer dog nibbling on carrots ::

DSC_1087      :: I’ve mentioned my love for animal sweaters before. This is my prized Christmas cat sweater with jeweled eyes (and matching skirt, score). I really wish I still had this. It would be the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater. ::

DSC_1072      :: my favorite ::

DSC_1059      :: oh what a surprise – I’m in charge of cutting the sausage and cheese ❤ ::

DSC_1061      :: mid-day snacks that make us forget we’ve been eating sugar all day::

DSC_1076      :: no children were involved in this coloring party ::

DSC_1067      :: no time consuming feast for us…homemade chowder and chicken noodle soup instead ::

DSC_1090      :: Collection of Santa pictures ::

DSC_1093      :: small portion of our Christmas book collection ::

DSC_1082      :: thank you, Santa. Sorry about your broken face ::

Friday Finds :: The Two Best Things

It’s no secret that I love sporting cutesy animal gear. I’ve been doing so since I was a little girl (maybe I’ll find some pictures when I’m home?), but I took a long hiatus. I started rebuilding my collection a couple of years ago and now… I’ve found the two best things.

I got an Ipad a few of weeks ago and totally love it. Then I found this amazing bunny sleeve at West Elm for only $14.00! It kind of matches a bunny sweatshirt that I already have and I just knew I needed to get it. They have a fox laptop and owl phone sleeve too. I love the bunny one best, but it would be super fun to have the whole set!

OK, and then there’s this polka dot cat sweater. I actually saw a woman wearing this on the street a while back and literally did a double take. I wanted it right then and there, but had no idea where to get it. THEN I saw Taylor Swift wearing it, which made my hunt much easier. I got it on a great sale and am sooo happy to have it.

:: I think we need a closeup of this cat cuteness ::

:: Cute overload? A perfect pair ::

:: This sleeve is perfect. I highly recommend it! ::