Boston – Food Truck Throwdown!


I had been looking forward to the Boston vs NYC Food Truck Throwdown all week. I love food trucks all the time, but especially when there are a whole bunch in one spot! Sidenote: I also really love food courts. I can totally relate to the Gilmore Girls episode where Rory and Lorelai introduce Emily to the food court with a sampling of every type of cuisine available. I’ve also always wanted to compile my own food court smorgasbord. I am quite indecisive though, so it’s kind of odd that I enjoy the variety so much.

I thought the trucks might be serving smaller, sample sized portions, but everyone seemed to have their regular menu. I went in with the intention of trying NYC food since I see a lot of the Boston trucks around all the time. That didn’t happen, but I’m really happy with what we tried! Paul was standing in line at an NYC truck while I scoped out other menus again. I kept passing Penny Packer’s and couldn’t deny the amazing smell hovering over their area. I had never seen their truck before, they had a fairly short line, and their specialty, the Porchetta sandwich, was only $5 so I hopped in and grabbed one. They were cranking those sandwiches out – they got it down! Paul was still in line and said he just read on a forum that the Porchetta is a must-try and the place he was waiting on had only ok reviews. So in less than 5 minutes he had a Porchetta in his hands too.  This sandwich was AMAZING! Delicious, juicy, flavorful pork with a layer of crispy skin, plus a fruity relish (with whole cherries!) and a toasty, but soft bun. Whew, that mouthful. It was like, the perfect sandwich. I can’t believe it was only $5 because I was stuffed. Now, I had imagined that I would sample lots of stuff at the event, but I was so full! We decided to leave and come back for dinner, but that didn’t happen either. Oops! Even though we didn’t take full advantage of all the trucks, I think we made a good decision. I don’t know who won/what awards were voted on, but as we were leaving Penny Packer’s I heard one of the judges on stage say it was the best Porchetta he had ever had. Score!

Update: They won best Boston AND best overall!! I knew we picked well. Nuchas was the NYC truck that I wanted to try because I love empanadas – wish we had because they won best NYC! Shucks.


Boston Places – Clover


Ahh this is the second time I’ve tried to write this post (my browser crashed last time without saving)! Even at my first attempt, it was 2 months late and now I think it’s almost been 3 months since I visited Clover! However, I still think this is appropriate because May is here and food truck season is in full swing. At least in my mind. Plus, this food is so bright, fresh and perfect for the warm weather. I ate at the Harvard Square location when I took these photos, but now I really want to pay a visit to a truck. Should be easy to find – they are everywhere!

I remember when we were here, it was really cold and gloomy. I was so happy to walk in and enjoy some colorful, summery food and drinks. This place is called a food lab for good reason. They are always trying out new ways to make health food super tasty. I actually didn’t even realize the place was vegetarian until after I ordered because I saw words like ‘barbecue’ and ‘BLT’. The menu changes seasonally and as they concoct new things, but the really good stuff stays put. The order dude was pretty honest and told us that some of the seasonal drinks were fun to try, but not the best, like the maple soda. We stuck to some tried and true favorites (according to him) and got the chickpea fritter. I’m sure you guys can tell how absolutely huge this thing is. Even though it was messy and too big for me to finish, I really enjoyed it! Very satisfying without feeling too heavy because all the ingredients taste so fresh.

I really like the idea behind this place and the fact that they pay so much attention to where their ingredients come from. I love any place that can make me happy to eat healthy because goodness knows I’m a sucker for cheese and carbs when it comes to eating out (and eating in general). I want to eat healthy so bad, but I can’t quit the cheese! Eating at Clover was really fun. I like the open atmosphere that lets you watch the assembly process and they had a band playing too. It Seemed like a fairly popular place for those Harvard kids to study…I mean, not only do they serve brain food, but they also serve beer. So yeah, heh heh.


Hibiscus and some kind of fruity lemonade. I’m not sure what drinks they have now, but these were pretty refreshing!


Too. full. for. fries. But I still ate some and liked it.

DSC_1866A monster.


Watching them work. You can also watch from the seating area above them.


Harvard kids love to color. Fun!

Sunday in Boston


Yesterday was such a beautiful day! We were on our way  to the Arnold Arboretum, but got distracted by a big crowd, music, and news trucks at Copley Square. We headed over and saw that all the signs, flowers, and toys left for the bombing victims had been collected there. The place was packed with people writing messages, snapping photos, and just taking everything in. Each time I’ve been in the area of the marathon has been emotional. From seeing the closed down street being investigated, to seeing the bombing sites and boarded up windows for the first time, and now this collection of mementos – it’s very surreal. Today, the tulips were blooming, people were singing, dogs were playing, and strangers were uniting. It’s tough to see these memorials, but also comforting to be around people leaving behind so many positive messages. I had my camera handy since I thought we would be hanging at the arboretum. Hopefully we will go there soon! Although the tulips were so beautiful, that I didn’t mind skipping it for today. The sun and shadows made them look like a painting – it was crazy. No edits on the tulip photos below, and they looked just as cool in person. I couldn’t narrow the photos down, so there are lots! Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and one other thing about today. We were on CNN! Haha. They were all over Copley Square. We stood with a crowd of people by the CNN station so that our families back home could see us. I think only my sister caught it in time. Who knows, maybe some of you saw me and just didn’t know it! : )

DSC_2669 DSC_2666 DSC_2672 DSC_2688 DSC_2682 DSC_2671 DSC_2685 DSC_2678 DSC_2675 DSC_2668 DSC_2689 DSC_2686 DSC_2674 DSC_2670 DSC_2687



Was last week just the worst, or what? I still can’t believe that so many awful things happened all in one week. And I really can’t believe that some of the awful things happened in the place that I currently live. We walked down to check out the marathon last Monday and only got to experience the cheering and celebration for maybe 5 minutes before we heard that there was an explosion at the finish line. We were miles away, but the news definitely changed the mood almost instantly. We hurried back home, turned on the news, and immediately felt sick.

That sick feeling didn’t go away for next 4 days. We were on lockdown while the search was going on and man did I stress myself out. We weren’t that close to Watertown, but the uncertainty, chaos, and inability to step outside to make sure everything seemed okay out there was just so scary. I could hardly eat because I tend to get really, really nauseas when I’m nervous! I had to take news breaks in order to keep my nerves at bay. Some really sweet girls in the building brought smoothies to everyone, which was a nice little distraction. We were pretty freaked when we heard a knock at our door though. We had been hearing warnings to not open your door for the last 24 hours and didn’t know what to do! As soon as I heard friendly voices talking about mangos in the hall, I figured it was safe. Of course, I would open the door to a food conversation whether my door had been knocked on or not.

So yes, this whole experience was incredibly scary, but also really eye opening. Whenever any kind of tragedy happens, you hear so many stories about people coming together in strength. This time, I saw the strength up close – not just through the news, but on the streets. It’s amazing and so inspiring. It’s too easy to let all the horrible events we see on TV cast negativity  over your mind and attitude. It feels absolutely hopeless at times. Like there’s nothing that can be done to keep these things from happening. This whole experience has shown me that the best thing I can do is to continuously put positive things out into the world. I’ve now seen how much the positive truly outshines the negative and I hope that my little blog here can a space for positivity and fun. I have some ideas a brewin’ that I am so excited to put together. Everything that’s been going on has thrown me off on posting here, but blogging has definitely been on my mind!

I’ve been trying to write this post (in my head) for days. I’m not sure if I’ve articulated everything that I’ve been feeling or wanted to say, but it feels good to write this out. I am very ready to get back to posting less stressful content! And last but not least, I just have to say that I’ve never been so thankful for all the officers out there! I heard one cop say on the news “I feel like a firefighter I’m gettin’ so much love!” Haha! They deserve every bit of it!


So many people loved the comfort dogs that were hanging out near the site of the finish line. So sweet!

IMG_4343So many thanks.


While walking town a crowded Newbury St., silence hit at each blocked off corner.

Donut Sandwich!

20130405-171809.jpgToday was an exciting day. I have to admit that I’m always a sucker for fast food novelty releases (love this blog). I promise, I really don’t eat that much fast food, but I definitely have fun making special trips whenever something ‘so-weird-it’s-good’ comes out. I’ve actually been meaning to make one post about all the funny things I’ve tried lately! I still will, but this one deserves a dedicated post. I’ve heard about the donuts-as-buns fad, but hadn’t tried anything. I found out from my brother, who is always my partner in novelty food crime, that Dunkin’ Donuts released a glazed donut breakfast sandwich in Massachusetts. I think the fact that DD has not been announcing which locations have them or really how long they will be around made it more exciting. Paul found the one place that has it in the Boston area, and luckily it was not too far away. Although it’s kind of in a random location if you ask me! All the more mysterious.

Anyway, we got our hands on them and dug in. Well, Paul dug in…I took pictures from every angle and then dug in. I was immediately surprised by how soft, warm, and pillowy the donut was. And then I was even more surprised by how tasty I thought it was! I’m not even a big breakfast sandwich eater, so I wasn’t expecting to love it. I was more expecting to feel a little sick halfway through, but it’s actually not a very heavy sandwich. I read one review that said it’s lighter than eating a bagel sandwich, which I now totally get. I feel a little bad for posting this, since it’s such a limited release…but I figured some of you might be interested in seeing what it looks like! I would like to try making it myself at some point. Let me know if you’ve tried making something like this or if you’ve tried donut buns (lol) at a place near you!20130405-171824.jpg



InstaBeps :: Puppies, Cookies, Repeat

20130224-230519.jpgThe past couple weeks truly have been all about puppies and cookies. I certainly can’t complain! Despite that, it’s somehow managed to also be an incredibly stressful couple of weeks. One day in particular was so hectic that it literally made me sick. Ugh! I think things will be getting back to normal very soon though! I know that I tend to post a lot of puppy pictures on here…I don’t even have a puppy of my own, unfortunately! I usually walk just a few dogs during the week for some extra cash and for fun.  I helped someone out for a few days recently and met sooo many dogs. This explains why there might be a bit of a puppy overload here for tonight. I’m guessing you all won’t mind that too much. I also ate/bought an inexcusable number of cookies. Some I made, some were gifts, and some were just on sale, but very few were shared. Oops.

PS I’m stealing the ‘Insta-name’ title from a post I saw from Sincerly Jules! I thought it was too cute not to. 20130224-230710.jpg


I don’t think I’ll get used to stumbling across this view. A pretty wonderful Valentines afternoon. 20130224-230840.jpg

Took me a while to fashion a vase. I was so surprised and excited to receive these pretty roses! 20130224-230905.jpg

I could have posted way more cookies pictures…I’ll stick with this one to reduce embarrassment. 20130224-230919.jpg

Awesome guy! 20130224-230928.jpg

Clam chowder cravings are pretty easily satisfied around here. 20130224-230940.jpg

Weekend hair projects…20130224-231134.jpgI nearly let these strawberries go bad! Turned them into a delicious quick bread.

Snowy Snaps


The past few days have felt very similar to when Hurricane Sandy visited Boston. Everyone in town was stocking up on bread, water, and cookies (or was that one just me?). Luckily, just like Sandy, Nemo didn’t wipe out our power or anything. We don’t have a car here, so digging out wasn’t a big issue either. And thank you MBTA for getting the public transit running so well today! I kind of tried to downplay the hype in my mind because being from Colorado, it feels like everyone freaks out a little more here. I can’t imagine schools being closed days in advance or driving bans put in place! Every channel we have was reporting on snow and only snow all day (we only have like 4 channels, but still). They were pretty darn accurate with the predictions though! We ventured out on Saturday after it finally stopped snowing to snap some pics and check out the aftermath. City snow storms sure are different from the suburban storms I’m used to. I can understand the freak-outs a little more now! No garages to hide your car in around here! It was so weird to walk around the quiet streets. It was also fun to be surrounded by other curious wanderers, families heading to sledding hills, and dedicated car owners already digging their spots out. It seems like most people made the best of it and had a nice time with friends and neighbors. Of course, today was a bit of a different story. Slush, sidewalk mazes, and rain…yes, rain! Such a ‘well at least it’s not raining’/dark cloud moment.

DSC_1967snow plow

20130211-191828.jpgpeek-a-boo20130211-191915.jpgsnow puppies! 20130211-191929.jpgthese are gonna be here a while…20130211-191941.jpgso fun

Boston Places – Cutty’s


We’ve been meaning to check out Cutty’s for months. Many times we’ve thought, hey! let’s finally go to Cutty’s! only to remember that they are open until 3pm and we missed out. Well, today was finally the day and it was definitely worth the wait. Paul got the Ham Dijon and I got the Spuckie (Italian meats, mozz, and olive-carrot salad). The cashier recommended room temperature for Paul’s. For mine she said you can’t go wrong, but go with grilled if you want the flavors to melt together with gooey cheese and crispy bread. If you want to be able to taste all the individual flavors, stay at room temperature. I leaned towards grilled until she offered half grilled, half not. Cool! I was excited. I’m really glad I got to taste it both ways. She was exactly right about the differences in flavor. I think if I got it again and had to choose one way, I would go for room temp. The carrot and olive salad is so good and you can really taste it when it’s cold.

Paul’s sandwich was much smaller and prettier than mine. It’s a simple sandwich – from my one bite I was especially impressed by how yummy the ham was! Paul really liked it, but said his jaw hurt after chewing on the super crusty baguette! He liked mine a little better. He also got chips, which were way better than a bag! I got the Cutty’s Limeade and holy moly it was fantastic! The really cool thing about Cutty’s is that everything is made in-house and they display where all of their ingredients come from. One downside is the very little seating space – we were lucky to get a table! I would love to go back soon and try something else. Maybe on another Saturday because they have two Saturday only sandwiches that I’ve heard are awesome!

DSC_1641ham dijon + chips

DSC_1649my grilled half and cold half + limeade

DSC_1650check out those layers!

DSC_1651we were happy to see two Colorado towns up there!

20130126-210308.jpgGuy was here! And we saw this episode. This is the second time we’ve spotted one of these and both times we can’t help but imagine Guy’s intern/assistant diligently placing the graffiti spot. 😛

[EOTW] Post Thanksgiving Slump


So, I’ve been back in Boston for almost an entire week, and I hadn’t even managed to make up a grocery list until this afternoon. This means that I barely cooked all week…The night I returned I bought an overpriced sandwich from the airport. The next day we ordered a gigantic calzone from across the street, which fed me for like three meals. I guess I’ve been feeling a little uninspired on the cooking front after all the Thanksgiving festivities. I scrolled through pages and pages of food pictures online (LOL nerd) this morning just trying to come up with something, anything that sounded good. And what did I land on? HOT DOGS. Really? Yes, it’s now December and hot dogs sounded amazing.

What else is on the agenda for the rest of the week? Shepard’s pie, mac & cheese, quesadillas, and more football food – burgers!

photo 2:: Buffalo Chicken calzone – so not Italian, but so, so good ::

20121202-184028.jpg:: My almost Chicago style dog. YUM ::

photo 1

:: YAY Paul brought me a Christmas donut! ::

IMG_3060:: The BEST cupcakes my mom has ever made. Chocolate with salted caramel frosting. Drool ::

[EOTW] Home and Away

:: Snack night! I love cozy nights in like this ::

I spent half of this week in Boston and the other half back home in Colorado. With the exception of my big chicken dinner project, my own cooking was barely cooking at all. Julia Child assisted me with some roasted chicken and potato/carrot gratin, which is now one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, like ever (Tswift anyone..?). Then I sliced up some sausage, cheese, fruit and veggies one night and then enjoyed my mom’s cooking the rest of the week. Oh, and I ate so much Mexican food at home. I’ve missed the smothered in cheese stuff that I just don’t find out here!

:: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Whole foods had a big sale on whole chickens so this is what happened! ::

:: The gratin that was SO good I had to give it some of the spotlight too. [This is before it got all crispy and melty in the oven] ::

:: Yes, I ate lobster rolls in Colorado NOT Massachusetts! My dad’s perfect football watching/birthday party food. And big props to mom for this! ::

:: I hope Instagram is acceptable here. We ate at Boulder Cork one night and my baked stuffed chiles were a table favorite! ::

:: I got home from the airport and invented this quick and kind of weird, but still good, pasta made with leftover chicken and mushrooms ::