Donut Grilled Cheese


This kitchen experiment arose from disappointment. We’ve been dying to go to a Cutty’s ‘Super Cluckin’ Sunday’ event for months. It’s an event where they only serve fried chicken sandwiches and they look and sound awesome. For one reason or another, we have just never made it and today was possibly our last chance! They aren’t planning on doing it again until September so we were determined. Right as we were about to head out I saw them tweet that the sandwiches were almost gone. Nooooooo! We started to rush that way, but knew we wouldn’t be able to make it. We slowly trudged back home. I proposed that we buy some fried chicken one of these days and attempt to make them ourselves and in the meantime I would whip us up some donut grilled cheese. Cuz that’s a logical solution to disappointment, right? We quickly perked up and I had some donut grilled cheeses ready to eat just 15 minutes later.

I guess I should explain that I was already prepared to try this experiment, I just didn’t think it would be on our designated fried chicken day. We randomly bought a six pack of glazed donuts and I always have cheese. Always. I heard about this miracle sandwich on The Chew quite a while ago, then we had the Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwich, so this was an obvious next step in my donut sandwich timeline. I’m sure you aren’t surprised to hear that I loved the donut grilled cheese.  I think from now on glazed donuts must only be eaten cut in half and toasted on a griddle. Even if you’re not into the idea of adding cheese, eating a warm, sweet, and crispy donut is the new way to go. Plus your kitchen will smell amazing. So, what’s next on the timeline? THIS from Man vs. Food. I think Adam seriously almost wet his pants when he saw that thing. DSC_2974

First step: cut your donuts in half.


Put the cut side down on your griddle/pan with some butter and oil.


Layer your cheese choice/s on the glazed side. I only did one layer because we had pretty tiny donuts.


This is how Dunkin’ Donuts served their donut sandwich, which is pretty darn messy, but also very cute! I just did this for a minute to help the cheese melt before the bottom got burnt. Either way works, however, eating with the crispy side out is easier and you really taste the contrast between the cheesy glaze and crispy bread. Tempted?


Donut Sandwich!

20130405-171809.jpgToday was an exciting day. I have to admit that I’m always a sucker for fast food novelty releases (love this blog). I promise, I really don’t eat that much fast food, but I definitely have fun making special trips whenever something ‘so-weird-it’s-good’ comes out. I’ve actually been meaning to make one post about all the funny things I’ve tried lately! I still will, but this one deserves a dedicated post. I’ve heard about the donuts-as-buns fad, but hadn’t tried anything. I found out from my brother, who is always my partner in novelty food crime, that Dunkin’ Donuts released a glazed donut breakfast sandwich in Massachusetts. I think the fact that DD has not been announcing which locations have them or really how long they will be around made it more exciting. Paul found the one place that has it in the Boston area, and luckily it was not too far away. Although it’s kind of in a random location if you ask me! All the more mysterious.

Anyway, we got our hands on them and dug in. Well, Paul dug in…I took pictures from every angle and then dug in. I was immediately surprised by how soft, warm, and pillowy the donut was. And then I was even more surprised by how tasty I thought it was! I’m not even a big breakfast sandwich eater, so I wasn’t expecting to love it. I was more expecting to feel a little sick halfway through, but it’s actually not a very heavy sandwich. I read one review that said it’s lighter than eating a bagel sandwich, which I now totally get. I feel a little bad for posting this, since it’s such a limited release…but I figured some of you might be interested in seeing what it looks like! I would like to try making it myself at some point. Let me know if you’ve tried making something like this or if you’ve tried donut buns (lol) at a place near you!20130405-171824.jpg