Flashback Friday – Rome


I’ve been thinking about doing some flashback posts for a while now. Every time I go in to choose which photos I want to edit and post next, I see my albums of travel photos and think what a shame it is that I can’t post them as new. Well, first of all, I don’t know why I convinced myself that I can’t post old things because I get behind on my photos so much around here! But, also these flashback/throwback posts have become all the rage – I finally get to be one of the cool kids. Most of my flashbacks, at least for now, are probably going to be from my post-college trip to Europe. I was beyond excited for this because not only could I relax for a while about finding a grown up job, but also because my months of hard work trying to get my fellowship proposal approved actually paid off. I think I remember the day that I thought I didn’t win the fellowship more clearly than the day I found out that I did! I had just returned home for a school break, but it was hard to relax. I was obsessively checking my email and at times felt sick to my stomach waiting. Eventually I forced myself to accept the fact that I wasn’t chosen. I was actually certain that it was over for weeks before one of my grad student friends said, ‘oh, you didn’t hear? They postponed the decision because some people wanted more time.’ Are you kidding me?? OMG I can’t even explain the feelings that I felt in that moment. Anyway, turned out that the kind dude who finally informed me of this was my fellow, fellowship winner! Pretty awesome! This was one of the most exciting times in my life. I felt so excited, accomplished, and nervous to be leaving my friends behind and eventually traveling all alone.

Ok, I swear my future travel posts won’t be this long now that the backstory/reminiscing is (kind of) behind us. I really just wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from that summer, starting with Rome, which was actually my last stop. Some of my favorite pictures from the whole trip were from Rome, so I thought it would be a good place to start. I was getting really drained at this point and itching to be back where I could speak to people fluently and not have to eat most of my meals alone! I even got sick towards the end of the week. Being sick made me really thankful that I had such an awesome hotel. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I saw my room because it was so cheap (I may have just gotten lucky)! And quiet and spotless and the staff was really friendly and I believe they had free breakfast too. So, if you’re ever in Rome, I would highly recommend the Hotel Romance! Yeah, I felt weird booking a hotel with romance in the name, but I saw a few other solo travelers there too! Ok, I’m going on and on again. Here are a few of my unedited Rome photos from the summer of 2010!

IMG_3682IMG_3722 IMG_3742

Colosseum cat : (

IMG_3743 IMG_3760IMG_3843



I only took a few photos of myself! Some proof that I was there. My sunglasses look like 3D glasses here…I hope it’s just the angle.


Cute, right??


13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Rome

  1. theshooz says:

    Lovely! I was just there for a day and it was fabulous. Can’t wait to go back to Italy for a longer visit. Can you explain more about your fellowship program? I am intrigued.

    • bepcity says:

      I would love to go back too! And with some friends or family this time.
      Sure! In a nutshell – Seniors and grad students in my department (landscape architecture) were eligible to have a written research proposal funded by some alumni. Mine was to study monastery sites and gardens in Europe. We had to come up with an itinerary, some interview contacts, budget the trip out, decide what questions you most wanted to answer, and explain how the department could benefit from the research. They picked two students with international proposals and I think two for US travel. It was tough to find time for such a huge task on top of our regular school work, but so worth it! I didn’t visit many research sites (or any, I can’t remember) in Rome because it was my last stop, but I’ll share a bit more about what I was researching in future flashback posts and photos! Thanks so much for reading : )

  2. cluttercafe says:

    What beautiful scenery! I have no desire to travel. Disney is about it for me. Or maybe Bora Bora. I could get on board with Bora Bora.. (My husband says I just like to say Bora Bora). He could be right. But Italy is definitely a place I think I could enjoy going. The landscape, the history, the FOOD! What an amazing adventure for you. I love the flashback posts. I have the same issue with old pictures. Maybe it’s time for me to do a flashback post so I can be cool too!

    • bepcity says:

      Yes! You should do some flashbacks – it’s fun! It was an awesome adventure, but it really wore me out. I had to take a travel break! A relaxing vacation in Bora Bora sounds pretty amazing. And I love saying it too. Ha!

  3. Afancywindowseat says:

    O dear! Reading about you awaiting to hear back about your fellowship, reminds me a bit of my present predicament and reminds me to anticipate the best and make the wait worthwhile.

    • bepcity says:

      Oh, I’m sorry you are stuck nervously waiting! I hope everything turns out for the best and I’m glad that this could be a small reminder for you. : )

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