Yes, It’s Kale


Are you sick of hearing about kale yet? Yeah, me too, but I had to try out the craze. It seems like everyone is always completely surprised that they end up enjoying raw kale. Needless to say, I was skeptical and thought wow, this stuff must taste really weird. Turns out, it doesn’t taste weird at all. It tastes like leafy broccoli to me, and I love broccoli. I can’t say that I’ve purchased a bundle of kale since I made these chips, but I’m certainly not scared of it anymore.

These kale chips actually were really tasty. I tried out three flavors to make this experiment more interesting: sesame oil, soy sauce, and plain olive oil with sea salt. I liked all of the flavors, but be really careful about adding salt. See, I tossed my whole tray with olive oil and salt before I decided to break them up into three groups. Sooo, my soy sauce chips were mega salty! Valuable lessons in this post: 1. don’t over salt your kale chips and 2. don’t be scared of kale because it just tastes like broccoli…really leafy broccoli that kind of gets stuck in your throat…do you think it tastes like broccoli, or am I the crazy one??

DSC_2356 DSC_2347DSC_2353 DSC_2348DSC_2354 DSC_2349DSC_2355 DSC_2375 DSC_2370

15 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Kale

  1. Sophie33 says:

    That’s a great way to enjoy kale! Here in Belgium, we usually eat in in a stoemp with mashed potatoes & sausages, in Wintertime! I love these tasty sancks! yes, please!

  2. cluttercafe says:

    Been wanting to try these. Now I’m gonna have to! I’m eating a “sorta-kinda-Paleo diet thing” so these will be a great addition to my “sorta-kinda-mediocre-menu”. Do these get nice and crisy like a chip? I need some crunch in my lunch!

    • bepcity says:

      Yes! They get very nice and crispy. Just watch for the edges to get darker and slightly brown. I think these would be a great way to liven up your menu! I hope so at least : ) Let me know how it goes!

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