All Used Up


Lately, I’ve been in a constant state of trying to get rid of stuff. We live in a really small place. Really small. Which could be part of why I’m always wanting to downsize. The place isn’t super cramped or anything, I just don’t like having stuff that I don’t need/like. I still have a ways to go in downsizing my beauty stash. I find reading these posts to be really helpful and creating my own is nice for keeping track of what I like and what I don’t. I’ll probably have enough stuff for a new post soon! I took these photos quite a while ago when some of them still had product left. They are all empty now, so I thought it was time to finally post! Here’s what I’ve used up and what I thought about everything.

The Great stuff: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup – I’ve only owned a few liquid foundations in my life, but this one seemed pretty nice! I’ll prob try again someday. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB – I really liked this! Was great for winter, so I’ll probably get it again then. Origins VitaZing – also great! Similar to the Maybelline BB, but much more expensive. Will stick to the Maybelline. Philosophy Hope in a Tube – I actually noticed a difference in the morning when I used this, so I did purchase another Philosophy kit, which included a larger tube of this.


The Good: Kiehl’s Creme de Corps: This was a gift that I savored for almost a year! I love it and really want to get more! Great scent and consistency. FAB Ultra Repair Cream: I was excited about this because I thought it would be good for my sensitive skin. It was really nice, but since I was alternating it with the Kiehl’s…it just didn’t compare! L’Occitane Hand Cream: Have been using these for years and will continue! Olay Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash: This was fine and it was cheap. It somehow got filled with water in the shower though and was kind of useless. I used it to clean brushes for a while, but eventually tossed it.

DSC_2469 DSC_2464

The OK: ion Deep Daily Conditioning for Color: I wouldn’t mind having a full bottle of this! It has a similar almondy scent to Creme de Corps, which I’m addicted to. Garnier and L’Oreal conditioners (came with boxed hair color): Not much to say about these. Conditioners that come with hair color always seem to feel nice! LUSH Buffy: Such a nice treat for a pamper night. A little rough on the skin and might be bad for your drain, but makes your skin feel awesome right out of the shower.


Would I buy these again?: Revlon Brow Fantasy: Probably not, but it’s wonderful for travel. Great Lash Clear: Yes. L’Oreal Lineur Intense: Yes. Sugar Lip Balm: No. Enjoyed the freebie though! Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool: No! Not a fan, but I used it under my brow anyway. L’Oreal Power Volume Mascara: No, it dried out in a really weird way…Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen: Probably not, but I would like to try another brand. L’Oreal Liquid Pencil Eyeliner: Maybe, don’t have much of an opinion. It’s soft and very pigmented, so I guess it’s good!


The Bad: LUSH Breath of Fresh Air: No! Refreshing, but didn’t enjoy using it and let it expire. Benefit Posy Tint: No, too scented and makes my skin look irritated. Hard Candy Glamoflage: No, too heavy and has a weird scent. Revlon Balm Stain in Charm: No. Bad color for me and don’t like wearing the product in general. NYX Cream Blush: I thought this was breaking me out so I tossed it. ELF 6-Eyeshadow Palette: No. I got this on sale and thought it would be nice for travel, but the colors didn’t show : ( Coty Airspun Face Power: Too scented and a pain to use.


Seche Vite Clear Coat: No, great stuff, but I hear it’s not great for your nails. Bobbi Brown Eye Cream: Probably not, but I really liked the sample for travel! LUSH Sweet Lips: No. Tastes good, but I never used it and it dried out. Clinque Take the Day Off: Maybe, but I’ll try others first. Olay Age Defying Night Cream: Yes/maybe, I like it, but will try other first because I didn’t like the scent. Psssst! Dry Shampoo: Yes. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo: Not sure, I was excited to try the sample, not sure if it’s worth all the hype though. Aveeno Detoxifying Scrub: No.


Bye bye stuff! That was a lot…I didn’t realize how much I like L’Oreal stuff until now! What are your must-haves?

8 thoughts on “All Used Up

  1. plhuyoung says:

    I am a huge Bare Minerals addict and love it because it really minimizes the amount of makeup I have and I’m not tempted to accumulate and try new things. Obsessed with their “prime time” primer. I also love the Psssst! My friend introduced it to me and it is the best and cheapest dry shampoo out there! PS I love the subway tile in your bathroom!

    • bepcity says:

      Bare Minerals is great! I’ve been thinking about going back to using their foundation…probably once I finish up a few other things. And thank you! It’s one thing I will miss when we eventually move.

  2. onmyyellowplate says:

    I’m no expert in make up and beauty stuff, far from it but since you asked (& I’m dying to share about my beauty find to someone, anyone ;)) well.. I recently bought a Sephora Smoothing Primer and boy, it did wonders to my make up! They last whole day, my face is less shiny and the make up just feels a lot more natural. My skin feels smooth. So there you go, my must have 🙂

    • bepcity says:

      Thank you so much for sharing! I’m no expert either and haven’t really figured out what my ‘essentials’ are yet. I always get excited when I hear about good Sephora brand products. I’ve been surprised by how nice some of their stuff is, so I might have to grab this primer too!

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