Mango Salsa + Chips + Fish


My mom is famous for many dishes within our house, but as far as events and gatherings go she’s famous for three things: cupcakes, potato salad, and mango salsa. While I never had a problem gobbling up the cupcakes, as a kid I often skipped by her potato salad or salsa at the buffet line. I thought I disliked them in general because 1. I didn’t think I liked mayonnaise or mustard and 2. I didn’t like anything Mexican and I thought salsa was always spicy. Well, silly me because both are the best.

Speaking of foods I thought I hated, this post incorporates another: fish. Something I’ve never craved until moving to New England. Lately I’ve been really into grilling fish on the griddle and topping it with some kind of veggie salad/salsa. Eventually I’ll try moving into something a little ‘fishier’ than tilapia, but for now, these dishes are perfectly summery and satisfying.

I had to text my mom for tips when I decided to try mango salsa for myself and she instantly replied with her tried and true recipe. And she was on vacation! She’s got it down. Even though she knows the recipe so well, the measurements aren’t really set in stone. It’s all about tasting and adjusting to get the proportions right. I love recipes like this! It went so nicely with grilled fish and some homemade tortilla chips. This whole meal was really fun to make and despite the giant mess I made in the kitchen, all the parts were quick to assemble. The only bad thing was that my fingers were on fire a few hours later from chopping jalapeño. I have never had that happen and the pain was seriously unbearable! I tried so many home remedies from rubbing my hands in olive oil, sour cream, vinegar, lemon…nothing seemed to be helping and I was pretty eager to go to bed. Yes, it was bad enough to keep me awake. Finally I soaked my fingers in milk for like 10 minutes. It helped long enough for me to fall asleep and I woke up back to normal. Has that ever happened to you?? Did you find a miracle cure?


Rough Recipe (I halved what my mom suggested since it was just for two):

1 mango + 1/2 a red onion +  a few tablespoons chopped jalapeño + I added some chopped tomato that I had left from the guacamole.

Drizzle in some olive oil + sugar, salt, pepper, lime juice and zest to taste. Chopped mint or basil is also nice if you have it!





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