Guacamole Wontons


I gave myself a pretty big pat on the back when I thought to make these guacamole wontons. I got a giant pack of wonton wrappers at the Asian market last month and have barely made a dent in the stack. I really didn’t need to buy such a large pack, but they were so much cheaper than the regular grocery store ones! I couldn’t resist. Plus, they are just so versatile. They are definitely one of my favorite ingredients to improvise with. This is probably because it’s nearly impossible to screw up a wonton idea. I’m pretty sure you could stuff a wrapper with anything and it would be delicious fried, baked, or boiled. So, one day I had a sudden inspiration to fill them with guacamole. I was fairly confident that it would be a hit. Cinco de Mayo seemed like the perfect day to try out this festive appetizer. Just like most of my improvisations, these are incredibly easy. I mashed up an avocado, just slightly. I kept it pretty chunky because I didn’t think a super creamy filling sounded as appetizing, but maybe I’ll experiment with it some day. Then I just mixed in a little bit of red onion and jalepeno that I had chopped up for a salsa (more on that later + sneak peak pic below), squeezed some lime and added salt and pepper. I made a separate batch of quac for chips and left the tomato chunks out of the wonton filling. Maybe tomatoes would be good though, I dunno! This is obviously a very scientific recipe. Fry em up and enjoy! Once I bit into these I immediately though, duh, why didn’t I think of these sooner?! The crispy wontons and creamy avocado work so well together. I think when I have a craving for the cream cheese wontons, I might just make these instead. It’s just as good, but doesn’t make you feel sick (and ashamed) afterword. And in case you think warm guacamole sounds really weird, all I can say is, it’s not. Convincing enough?




DSC_2791 Β Β Β DSC_2786

28 thoughts on “Guacamole Wontons

  1. Bunny Eats Design says:

    These look excellent! I like the idea of expanding on these and doing different fillings like spiced beef, tomato and chilli, corn and cilantro, cheese and salsa so that after a handful of these wontons you feel like you’ve been eating tacos πŸ™‚

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