Boston Places – Clover


Ahh this is the second time I’ve tried to write this post (my browser crashed last time without saving)! Even at my first attempt, it was 2 months late and now I think it’s almost been 3 months since I visited Clover! However, I still think this is appropriate because May is here and food truck season is in full swing. At least in my mind. Plus, this food is so bright, fresh and perfect for the warm weather. I ate at the Harvard Square location when I took these photos, but now I really want to pay a visit to a truck. Should be easy to find – they are everywhere!

I remember when we were here, it was really cold and gloomy. I was so happy to walk in and enjoy some colorful, summery food and drinks. This place is called a food lab for good reason. They are always trying out new ways to make health food super tasty. I actually didn’t even realize the place was vegetarian until after I ordered because I saw words like ‘barbecue’ and ‘BLT’. The menu changes seasonally and as they concoct new things, but the really good stuff stays put. The order dude was pretty honest and told us that some of the seasonal drinks were fun to try, but not the best, like the maple soda. We stuck to some tried and true favorites (according to him) and got the chickpea fritter. I’m sure you guys can tell how absolutely huge this thing is. Even though it was messy and too big for me to finish, I really enjoyed it! Very satisfying without feeling too heavy because all the ingredients taste so fresh.

I really like the idea behind this place and the fact that they pay so much attention to where their ingredients come from. I love any place that can make me happy to eat healthy because goodness knows I’m a sucker for cheese and carbs when it comes to eating out (and eating in general). I want to eat healthy so bad, but I can’t quit the cheese! Eating at Clover was really fun. I like the open atmosphere that lets you watch the assembly process and they had a band playing too. It Seemed like a fairly popular place for those Harvard kids to study…I mean, not only do they serve brain food, but they also serve beer. So yeah, heh heh.


Hibiscus and some kind of fruity lemonade. I’m not sure what drinks they have now, but these were pretty refreshing!


Too. full. for. fries. But I still ate some and liked it.

DSC_1866A monster.


Watching them work. You can also watch from the seating area above them.


Harvard kids love to color. Fun!

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