Broccoli Cheddar Soup

DSC_2064So, I’ve had these pictures hanging around for a while! I thought about them the other day and figured I would just abandon the idea of posting them because it’s finally been springy outside. Not really soup weather! BUT that must have jinxed everything. Today was back to cold and windy in Boston. Boo! I don’t think it’s supposed to last too much longer though. I thought I would take the opportunity to post my cold weather, soup pictures. This was my first time making broccoli cheddar soup and it was pretty easy  and very satisfying! Chopping everything up was the most time consuming part. I remember I was worried that my soup would end up being a weird whitish color because I had white cheddar. Our Whole Foods always has some kind of deal on cheese, which I usually take advantage of. Didn’t even think about the coloring of the soup! No worries though, the carrots helped give it a (subtle) yellowish tint!

DSC_2081topped with, what else? More cheese! And a big hunk o’ bread.

DSC_2073organized mess?


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