One Waffle + Blogger Brain


This is a little story about something I call Blogger Brain. I’m sure many of you have experienced it. Last weekend I went to the kitchen to make myself a waffle. I had just bought some fancy lookin’ belgian waffles from Trader Joe’s and was looking forward to trying them. I pulled the box out and thought hmm, I’m really not that hungry and wow these are some big waffles. I knew that one waffle would probably be plenty, but here’s where Blogger Brain comes into play. My immediate second thought was, but two waffles will look so much better in a photo! Oh brother. I thought about it for a good two minutes or so. I fought against my Blogger Brain and went with one waffle. Oh, but Blogger Brain doesn’t end there.

I put the waffle in the toaster, but before I pushed the lever, I framed a picture in my mind of the cute little waffle waiting to get toasty. With camera in hand I noticed that the toaster was looking kind of grimy. I reached to rub off a spot of something and then though, oh I could probably just edit this smudge out. OH BROTHER. Really? I’m standing here centimeters away from doing some minor cleaning and my first thought is to edit the mess? That’s a problem. I shook the Blogger Brain nonsense away and gave the toaster a good clean. From there I went through several variations of Blogger Brain influenced photos before I finally got to enjoy my waffle.

I actually really love these photos of my single waffle breakfast. Maybe partially because of the rediculous story that goes along with them. Here’s pretty much every photo I took that morning and an inside look into my photo shoot thought process. And in case you were wondering, the waffle was pretty good!


Check out that clean (unedited) toaster and cheesy peace sign.

DSC_2205To prop…?

DSC_2206Or not to prop?

DSC_2210To berry…?

DSC_2207Or not to berry…?


The important questions that bloggers must ponder on their Sunday morning.

10 thoughts on “One Waffle + Blogger Brain

  1. plhuyoung says:

    Haha! I do this all the time – or I’ll have 5 different photos of something I’m going to only post one photo of on my blog, just to see…OR I’ll have a photo for my blog I want to use instagram effects on, but don’t want it on instagram, so I’ll upload it to instagram for the effects and then delete it…blog obsessed much?

  2. andmorefood says:

    oh I completely empathise. but the worst part of blogger brain is sometimes I forget my camera at a restaurant, and I have to remind myself that it’s not a waste! 😮

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