Friday Favorite – Lip Stuff!


I remember the day that I discovered YouTube makeup tutorials…It was a few Halloweens back and I was just looking for some inspiration. I had no idea that these things existed and I was super impressed and instantly addicted. As I was watching one Halloween video after another I slowly discovered that these aren’t just limited to crazy, scary, cool looks, but people have entire blogs and YouTube pages dedicated to everyday looks and products. I love having fun with makeup, but I am by no means an expert! I check out beauty blogs to see what kind of stuff is out there, but I don’t have a huge collection of things myself. I’ve been trying to use up stuff and clean out what I do have for what feels like an eternity! I think I would prefer to have a very small collection of things I really like, but I also don’t want to just throw stuff out! Sigh. I’ve seen a few makeup collection videos online, which always makes me feel better about myself. Holy cow, I would go crazy if I had an entire dresser full of just makeup!?

ANYWAY, I never imaged I would ever take photos of lip product swatches and post them to the internet. However, I tried this combination of lip stick and lip gloss today and felt it was worthy of sharing. I really like these two colors on their own and never thought to use them together. Come to think of it, I never really think about combining different shades together. I’m usually more matchy-matchy. But not no more, folks! I think this is cool because I’m sure I could easily go out and buy a more pinky-orange color, but now I can just use what I have. I’ll definitely be trying out other combinations! How do you guys feel about makeup collections? Do you like to have lots of options or just your favorites? Thanks for reading this uncharacteristically long post about lipgloss! Scroll down for more makeup musings, color details and pics.


Top is both colors layered. Middle is Revlon Colorburst Glittering Garnet and bottom is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren. If I remember correctly, I got the lip gloss in some kind of holiday display, so I don’t know if you can still get it? I think the sparkle is really nice with the flat orange shade. By the way, I’ve had this orange lipstick ever since I saw it in a magazine a couple of years ago and had to have it. It was like my first kind of ‘out there’ makeup item and probably what got me into lip colors in the first place. I think I had two lipsticks before that. And I’m pretty sure both were purchased specifically for high school dances…

DSC_2194Eek, something else I never thought I would post to the internet! Fun fact: I have had this scar type thing on my top lip ever since I fell off my bike and onto my face in 3rd grade. It wasn’t pretty. But the lipstick is! ; )

DSC_2196It sure has been a while since I’ve shown my face on this blog! Hey guys!

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorite – Lip Stuff!

  1. Samantha says:

    I love orange lipstick! I first read about it on Zoella (beauty blogger), and she raised the point that orange doesn’t make your teeth look as yellow as a red or a pink would because it doesn’t draw out the same yellow tones. You look great with this shade by the way. I never really considered mixing two shades. I guess because a lot of my lipsticks are pretty pigmented. Nice post!

    • bepcity says:

      I think Zoella was one of the first beauty blogs that I followed! I was scared, but intrigued by orange at first, but it really is flattering. Thank you so much for you comment! : )

  2. Carina says:

    So pretty! 🙂 Gorgeous lip combination, too. I have a collection that is bigger than the casual consumer, I think, but not YT guru levels of crazy. Not yet, anyway, and hopefully never, I hope!

    • bepcity says:

      Aw thank you! I always get temped by sales and new releases at the drug store, which seems to make my collection grow without me realizing it! It’s easy to lose track, but I’m trying to resist! : )

    • bepcity says:

      Thank you – so glad you enjoyed! I really like how they feel too. I always feel compelled to try a new shade when I’m at the drugstore. I can usually convince myself I don’t need one…unless they are on sale!

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