Craft Store Haul

DSC_1736Every time I go to the craft store I feel super motivated to start new projects and (finally) finish old ones. On my last two trips to the craft store I stocked up on clay jewelry supplies and surprisingly, kitchen things (who knew?!). I usually wait to stock up on stuff like this until I see a good sale. I found some good deals on both trips! I brought some of this back from Colorado, which is why it’s all still in the packaging. I find way better deals on clay and jewelry findings back in Colorado, but I found some pretty cheap tools out here! They don’t have the fun $2 aisle that I love though!  Here’s what I got and how I’m planning to use it.

DSC_1737Two boring colors, but staples! I saw a buy one get one 50% off sale and had to get something, but my brother set me up with pretty much every color I need! These are some that I run out of quickly.

DSC_1739I always borrow my mom’s round nose pliers and finally got some of my own for just $3. This $3 pack of tweezer tools seems useful for picking up delicate pieces. The metal scraper tool was something like $0.78 and the thick plastic sheets were about a $1 each. I went to check out the cutting mats because mine is a little beat up, but got these sheets instead. I wanted some kind of perfectly flat and easy to clean surface for rolling my clay on. I’ll see how these go!

DSC_1744Can never have enough of these! I think they were also buy one get one half off.

DSC_1748Cool kitchen stuff! We love having these straws around for sodas. Each pack was only $2! Couldn’t pass that up. I think I’m going to fill the tins with spices – only $1.50 each! The cardboard book is for a recipe booklet I want to make. Will post on it when I do!

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