DIY Ballerina Tutu!


Hi guys! I’ve been a little busy traveling and even though it’s been less than a week, I’ve really missed blogging! I made this tutu as a Christmas gift to my sister because she’s taking a ballet class on her campus this semester (for fun!). I set her up with a little ballet outfit and let her pick out the materials for the most important part. I made a black and white one a few years ago for a halloween costume, so I was super excited to make a pretty, pink one! This method couldn’t be any easier, which makes it even easer to justify making tutus for adults. I think all of us girls should have one! Whether you’re actually taking a class, or you just want something to make you feel pretty while you dance around your room – make one!

I learned how to do this through watching videos. Here is a quick and helpful one that I just found. I can’t remember which videos I watched the first time I did this, but I like this one! I’m going to send it to my sister to see if she would rather turn hers into a little shorty like theirs!

DSC_1275This is all you need! I got 2 yards of each tulle color and 3 yards of ribbon so I could have a nice bow in the back.

DSC_1307Before you get started, play with your tulle and admire how pretty it is. Then take some pictures. (hehe just kidding, you don’t have to, but why not?)

DSC_1310Cut tulle into strips. I made mine about two inches wide, but you can do them wider or narrower. Just depends on the look you prefer.

DSC_1314Start tying your knots! It does get old pretty fast, so either do it with some buddies, or be prepared with some entertainment! I started with the darkest color and then added in a pattern of the lighter.

DSC_1416Keep tying and adjusting the tulle until it fits around your waist. Secure it with a pretty bow in the back and start prancing!

DSC_1394This is a long, fluff ball version, which I think is really fun. I’m planning on trying out a different method that produces a more elegant look soon!

DSC_1401My sister went out of town before I got the chance to have her model it. So, here I am in my bunny slippers!

74514_928566288653_4190128_nPS Here’s a peek at the other end of the tutu spectrum! My halloween costume from a few years ago. I wanted this one to look really flowy and spooky. I used some extra tulle for a giant hair bow!

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