Friday Favorite :: Texas Pride


Happy Friday! Today I’m just posting one really cool favorite. I saw these Kris Nations pendants online a few weeks ago and really wanted one, but couldn’t decide on a state (I’ve lived in a bunch!). I would consider Colorado my home, but ya know…Colorado isn’t the most interestingly shaped state. Last week Paul actually pointed out a bowl of these at Nordstrom and I was so excited to see them in person! I was most drawn to California and Texas simply because they look awesome. I was born in Texas, so I figured why not sport my birthplace around my neck?! I only lived there for like 6 months, but it’s still significant I’d say! I love wearing this necklace. I like that it’s delicate, but also intricate. The quality is great, the chain is a nice length and it also comes in either silver or gold. Plus, you get to take it home in a cute little test tube! What state would most want to display around your neck? DSC_1496 DSC_1503 DSC_1507I’ve never used a clasp like this. It’s really handy!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorite :: Texas Pride

  1. muskstickmao says:

    Those are very, very cool. Good choice on Texas!

    I checked out the site and already I want the El Rey necklace with matching earrings AND the beautiful Mariposa cuff – look what have you started here miss! Haha x

    • bepcity says:

      Hehe oops, sorry! ; ) I guess I’ll continue to be an enabler and tell you to get all three! Haha But really, that cuff is especially beautiful! I want it all…

    • bepcity says:

      I don’t have any memories of living there, but I gotta keep hold of that pride! I’d say being born and raised makes you more entitled to this necklace than I am. 😉

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