Friday Favorites


Pretty much all of my favorites this week are gifts that I received for Christmas. I can’t pick a favorite – I love everything I got! Here are some of the pictures I remembered to snap.


:: my old pair of bunny slippers were very sad looking…these are so cute! ::


:: I love the dots, I love the black and white, I love the city names. I love it! (from Madewell) ::


:: is this not the coolest Harry Potter shirt you’ve ever seen?? ::


:: my gifted ornament for this year reflects my weird interest in butchery. Can’t decide if this pig is cute or creepy ::


:: totally obsessed! Chanel Wild Rose and Gabrielle ::


:: I love this Mondo tote bag! I usually carry around a red tote bag day-to-day, but this one is so much cooler. (Mondo is from Denver and Project Runway and he’s the coolest) ::

20130104-141226.jpg:: I’ve been planning and planning to do posts about my clay projects. I will eventually, but I’m putting together a big project that I’m waiting to post until I’ve made more progress! These new clay tools have made my clay crafting soooo much easier (and fun) ::

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. muskstickmao says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, that Potter shirt is the business! Plus you paired it with a stunning red lip and awesome headband that reminds me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I love that whole look – MADNESS. x

    • bepcity says:

      Thank you so much for such a nice comment! I spotted that headband at the kids register of H&M while waiting for my sister to check out. I tossed her the $4 and made her throw it in with her stuff. It reminded me of Dorothy too! Just need the matching shoes now ; )

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