Bombes Away!



I kind of can’t believe that this dessert exists. I saw the recipe on Sprinkle Bakes recently and felt an immediate urge to make it. I’m pretty sure my jaw actually dropped when I saw her pictures. I don’t always follow online recipes exactly, but I did with this one and the proportions were perfect. Despite being layers and layers of chocolate and sugar, it’s actually not overwhelmingly sweet. The mouse and ganache balance the sweetness of the cookie dough and the brownie adds some chew and a hint of saltiness. Really good combos!

I obviously decorated mine a little differently and used a taller bowl. I love her smooth, elegant dessert, but thought the layers of chocolate lava looked pretty cool too, so I went with it. I also think it’s pretty funny that it looks like a giant hunk of cookie dough underneath some chocolate before you cut it open. I had a lot of fun making this thing. Each step of the assembly just made me laugh. Like really, I’m filling a cookie dough bowl with chocolate mouse and that still isn’t enough!? We all joked that it felt like the SNL Taco Town commercial with the taco wrapped in a pizza, wrapped in a pancake…


:: Lets get this thing started the right way! ::DSC_1144

:: I love having a bowl of cookie dough that’s safe to eat…not that raw eggs ever stopped me before :: DSC_1146

:: you’re beautiful ::DSC_1151

:: yeah, lots of chocolate involved :: DSC_1186

:: seriously?? Brownie bottom :: DSC_1190

:: It’s a miracle. I flipped mine directly onto the stand with some paper squares to catch extra chocolate ::DSC_1246

:: ta-da! :: DSC_1202

:: pretty gold sprinkles go great with chocolate :DSC_1260

:: Yay, success! ::DSC_1224

:: I’m ready for another slice ::

6 thoughts on “Bombes Away!

  1. Bumble Bree says:

    Oh my goodness, this look divine! I bet it was delicious… Excuse me whilst I print off the recipe and get baking!! xx

    • bepcity says:

      Yes, go make it now! It’s really, really good. Extra tip – it chills in the fridge, but I think it tastes best after it sits out at room temperature for a while! Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

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