20121216-193022.jpgI had a few posts planned for this week that just didn’t happen (yet!). I had a presentation to prepare for all week, but now that’s over, yay! Then when I heard about the terrible event in Newtown, my planned blog posts felt really unimportant and frivolous. I’ve worked in elementary schools and can’t even imagine going through something like this. Just awful.

Looking back at my food pics from this week, they seem to be all about carbs. My favorite. Sandwiches, flour tortillas, and I even snuck slices of bread into a baked egg dish. I may only have one cinnamon roll picture posted here, but believe me…there were many more than one consumed this week. I also finally got some chai latte K-Cups this week, which made a perfect combination!


:: Sandwich, cheese curls, soda, and straw from a Whole Foods run…living across from one makes me lazy sometimes ::20121216-193035.jpg

:: I intended for these to be flautas, but can tortillas this big be considered that?? Maybe it’s more of a chimichanga :: 20121216-193042.jpg:: steak, bean and cheese taquitos to go with the flauta/chimichanga ::


:: Tried something new. Baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms ::


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