Store Snaps :: Dreaming of Tutus


I take iPhone pictures when I’m out shopping all the time. I like to remember things I saw that I either want to buy (like, when it goes on sale), want to make, or just thought was funny/interesting. These are some of my favorite store snaps from the past couple of months. I saw this tutu at Anthropologie actually back in October and thought it was so beautiful! I’ve made tutus before and this one is major inspiration for my next tutu project! I’m pretty sure these are still available in stores if you are interested!

20121210-235318.jpg:: These cute outfit combos make me feel like I would actually wear a tutu during the day ::

20121210-235332.jpg:: Such a cute display at West Elm! I thought this would be cool for something like a classroom reading corner decoration ::

20121210-235405.jpg:: A guys shirt on sale at Urban Outfitters… ::

20121210-235417.jpg:: Super cool sneakers at Barney’s. I’m definitely a sneaks girl ::

20121210-235429.jpg:: Another cool find at Barney’s. I went back and tried it on and really want to get it $$ ::

20121210-235439.jpg:: So Christmassy – I ❤ grilled cheese ::

20121210-235447.jpg:: WOW Trader Joe’s couldn’t be more prepared for potato latkes season ::

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