[EOTW] Burger x2

DSC_0845Today I’m making up for the last two weeks of pretty minimal Eats of the Week pictures. I wanted to make sure I actually cooked this week…I planned to make burgers because we had some buns and ground beef in the freezer. I did not plan on also going to Five Guys tonight for even more burger though. I had been to Five Guys once before in NYC, but only tried a few fries. Last week we noticed one had opened near Boston Common and got pretty excited! Unfortunately, we had just ran into a Wendy’s or a Burger King or something right before, bummer. I gotta say, the Five Guys burger was far better than the ones I made! We resolved to never get burgers at those other fast food places when we are just running around town – always Five Guys. Holy moly, how did this post turn into me typing Five Guys a million times??

Another highlight of the week was stove-top mac and cheese. I used to make homemade mac almost weekly in college (seriously). I haven’t been making it that regularly since, but the past two times I used this recipe and loved the results. I didn’t follow it exactly, but I like the concept. I boiled the noodles first, but not for too long! Then I let them soak in the milk for a while. Great for when you don’t feel like having it baked!

20121209-213254.jpg :: Steak and mushroom shepherd’s pie (kind of made up using what I had). Really filling and comforting! ::

DSC_0851:: Burger #1 ::

20121209-213304.jpg:: Saturday evening walk to get custard after being inside aaall day. Red Velvet for me ::

20121209-213315.jpg:: Burger #2. Plus so many delicious fries and I got to use one of those crazy customizable soda fountain machines ::

DSC_0875:: If I have tomatoes and mozarella around, you bet I’m going to be throwing it on some crusty bread ::

20121209-213237.jpg:: Threw together some mushroom pasta in the 30 minutes I had between getting home and attending class ::

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