[EOTW] Post Thanksgiving Slump


So, I’ve been back in Boston for almost an entire week, and I hadn’t even managed to make up a grocery list until this afternoon. This means that I barely cooked all week…The night I returned I bought an overpriced sandwich from the airport. The next day we ordered a gigantic calzone from across the street, which fed me for like three meals. I guess I’ve been feeling a little uninspired on the cooking front after all the Thanksgiving festivities. I scrolled through pages and pages of food pictures online (LOL nerd) this morning just trying to come up with something, anything that sounded good. And what did I land on? HOT DOGS. Really? Yes, it’s now December and hot dogs sounded amazing.

What else is on the agenda for the rest of the week? Shepard’s pie, mac & cheese, quesadillas, and more football food – burgers!

photo 2:: Buffalo Chicken calzone – so not Italian, but so, so good ::

20121202-184028.jpg:: My almost Chicago style dog. YUM ::

photo 1

:: YAY Paul brought me a Christmas donut! ::

IMG_3060:: The BEST cupcakes my mom has ever made. Chocolate with salted caramel frosting. Drool ::

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