Friday Finds :: The Two Best Things

It’s no secret that I love sporting cutesy animal gear. I’ve been doing so since I was a little girl (maybe I’ll find some pictures when I’m home?), but I took a long hiatus. I started rebuilding my collection a couple of years ago and now… I’ve found the two best things.

I got an Ipad a few of weeks ago and totally love it. Then I found this amazing bunny sleeve at West Elm for only $14.00! It kind of matches a bunny sweatshirt that I already have and I just knew I needed to get it. They have a fox laptop and owl phone sleeve too. I love the bunny one best, but it would be super fun to have the whole set!

OK, and then there’s this polka dot cat sweater. I actually saw a woman wearing this on the street a while back and literally did a double take. I wanted it right then and there, but had no idea where to get it. THEN I saw Taylor Swift wearing it, which made my hunt much easier. I got it on a great sale and am sooo happy to have it.

:: I think we need a closeup of this cat cuteness ::

:: Cute overload? A perfect pair ::

:: This sleeve is perfect. I highly recommend it! ::

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