[EOTW] Spinach Fest

I bought a bunch of spinach this week and it managed to sneak it’s way into almost every meal I made. Luckily, I was able to keep it sealed up long enough to make some cookies that look like tiny little sand castles, thanks to a baking pan I got for Christmas last year!

This was my first time making my homemade gnocchi and my first time grilling steak. I have to be honest and say that both dishes photographed a little better than they tasted. They weren’t bad by any means though. The sauce that went with the sweet potato gnocchi was amazing and could easily be used as a light and healthy side dish. It just did not hold up well as a leftover. And the steak dinner was enjoyable, but I totally overcooked the steaks – eek! They were a little pink in the middle, but I was aiming for more of a medium rare.

But hey, this blog is not at all about showing what a great cook I am! It’s about my real, everyday life. And in my real everyday life, I love cooking, taking pictures of what I eat, and sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. C’est la vie!

:: Steak and guess what? More spinach! ::

:: No matter how hard we try, we just can’t find a good take out Chinese place nearby. So, I made it myself! ::

:: Cute little sand castle cakes! And gluten free! I used my regular blondie recipe but substituted this flour that I found at TJ Maxx recently ::

:: We loved the gnocchi’s spinach and mushroom sauce so much I remade it to throw into a quick pasta meal ::

:: OMG does the gnocchi look like giant Capn’ Crunch cereal or what?! Forming all these took quite a while so I put on some Gossip Girl in the background to entertain myself ::

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