[EOTW] Trying New Things

This was a week of cooking dishes I’ve never made before. The nice thing was that I had most of the ingredients for all of these on hand. The mushrooms, eggplant and Parmesan are from my last grocery haul, plus I  had to get ketchup for the meatloaf. I’ll definitely be keeping these in my recipe arsenal for when I run out of new things to try!

:: I’ve eaten meatloaf countless times, but for some reason never made it myself. This was great with the sauce, but next time I’ll season even more generously ::

:: I had never even heard of eggplant in rollatini form, but these turned me into an eggplant fan ::

:: I think I’ve only eaten chicken and dumplings once before, yet for some reason I crave them every once in a while. I made the dumplings with gluten free flour and they were still good! A little dense, but still nice and chewy ::

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