What I Did During a Hurricane

:: Hopefully this stash of $0.99 baguettes will last until the next Whole Foods sale… ::

I experienced my first hurricane this week, which isn’t something I’ve ever had to think about being from smack dab in the middle of the country. We weren’t totally sure how to prepare aside from buying a flashlight. The days before, we made lots of wandering trips to the grocery store. After peeking into everyone’s stuffed carts and we thought hmmm do we actually need bottled water?? Come to find out, after all the jugs were gone, that our water supply could become contaminated so we did what the internet said and filled gallon bags with water. I was super anxious about waking up to Sandy in full force, but we got off pretty easy here. The wind was crazy, the rain was on and off and we didn’t lose power for very long. I took the opportunity of being stuck inside all day to stock my freezer and catch up on my latest library/bookstore haul. The freezer is now full of baguettes and pounds and pounds of precooked ground beef and burger patties.

I am so grateful that we didn’t experience much damage and I really feel for those who have had it so much worse. ❤

:: Conquering the mysterious (to me) eggplant ::

:: Reading material for days ::

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