[EOTW] Eats of the Week

:: I almost love catfish more the next day because it means catfish sandwiches! ::

I think this week’s grocery list is what finally convinced my mind that summer is really over. I’ve been enjoying wearing sweaters for weeks, but I still had a lingering expectation that the chill in the air was just temporary. I actually did a pretty job good of planning ahead this week and served up some warm and comforting dishes. Looking back now, I see that the summer color has disappeared from not just my skin, but also my cooking. Yikes, better work on injecting some autumnal colors into my next list!

:: Individual chicken pot pies felt perfect for the fall transition :::: These wonton Wrapper perogies were totally improvised for a meatless Monday dish. :::: Fish chowder and some quick french fries using an extra potato half. My craving for this dish in particular convinced me fall is here:::: Gluten free (my BF is GF – crack that code?) baked pasta that doesn’t taste gluten free at all and is even better as a leftover ::

:: Oh, and tonight? I grabbed myself a frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s ::

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